Monday, August 3, 2020

All tuckered out...

We went to Indy this weekend to see the girls and Lorelei and the grand fur babies.  Delta was never still when I was at her house, but Lorelei's little dog was.  

The above and below pics were shot by me.  Rosie was asleep in Lorelei's lap.  

The following shots of Kitty Soft Paws are by Lorelei...

If you will notice in the shot above, Otto is behind her...and he is snoozing, too.

She is about the most beautiful cat I ave ever seen.  Her tail is long and has a white tip on it.  She is so sweet natured, but will play with Rosie sometimes.  She played more when she was younger I think.


Lorelei continues to be enthusiastic with school.  She still has not met her art teacher.  But likes her music teacher, her home room teacher...not sure what or if she teaches something else.  And likes the other teacher.  


I have been busy as a bee today...and still did not get weeding done.  I vacuumed our Toyota Rav 4....and while out there I vacuumed the garage floor.  Or did to the best of my ability today.  It looks a whole lot better, but I did not move stuff from around the wall.  I always keep a couple jackets and a flannel shirt or two in the Rav for times when we are out and it gets chilly.  You cannot imagine how many times I have been glad to have them.  They have been in there a bit too long, so I brought them in and washed them.  I have not taken them back out.  I also keep a towel...

I made up Roger's medicine for the next two takes a half hour at the least, and sometimes when I finish one bottle and have to open a new one it takes longer.  Usually several of them hit at the same time...

Still have things to do...I hope the week is a good one for all.

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Home grown breakfast


I was just going to have the big one for breakfast, but then that last slice was so big, I thought it would be perfect for a bologna sandwich.   So I had it on a sandwich and ate the rest with salt.  

The new blogger has finally hit me.  There are pluses and minuses as far as I am concerned, but think I will get used to it and be fine.

I did talk to Lorelei a bit last night...I asked about her teacher.  The first words out of her mouth was that she loved her, but she has not met all of them.  She has a locker this that is a new experience for her.  Her school is for only grades 5 & 6.  She thinks they have around 700 students.  

Some were concerned about masks...yes she has to wear them.  She didn't seem to mind.  Just so long as she can go to school.  She is riding the bus this year.  There is too much traffic to take her and pick her up.  She does not mind at all.  And she doesn't have to catch the bus till 8:30.

It is raining here...I picked the tomatoes in the rain.  I could not wait for it to stop.

I need to get busy...have an appt after while that I had almost forgot...just to get Roger's hearing aids cleaned and for her to check how he is doing with them.  Other than that, have a bit laundry and housework to do.

Have good rest of the week!

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Can you believe it?

I got this in a text an hour or so ago...can you believe it is her first day of school.  And can you believe that smile  from a kid going to a brand new school where she knows no one?  I cannot imagine feeling like that as a kid going to a new school.  But she has so been looking forward to it.  She is a kid that loves school...has never had a teacher that she didn't love.  And they all love her...

When I would deliver her to school every now and then when she was younger, we pulled up and let her out, and teachers were there waiting for them.    She was always greeted with a hug, or maybe I should say she greeted them with a hug.  But I really think it was just as much the other way.  Just think what a good hug from a kid feels like.


I was going to do a post last night, but was too weary.  And glad I didn't since I got the Lorelei photo.  But above you will see our awning.  the dark part is the gutter part   Well, it gets full of  STUFF....and it becomes a mess.  So much so that rather than flowing down the downspout, the water just overflows.

I have been knowing I had to get up there and clean it out, and I tried with my step stool  the other day but it just was not tall enough.  And truthfully, did not feel sturdy enough out there.  So yesterday, I bit the bullet and got out a bigger step ladder.  I approached it one way, but couldn't reach it.  So turned it the other...had Roger hold the step ladder.  I know that sounds overkill and it is, but I am just so awkward since I broke my  leg, but after the first time getting up, I was basically good to go.

What a pain.  There is just enough room to put my hand in and get a small handful of junk....cannot get a big hanful just cause there is not enough room.   And there where the awning is against the gutter part, I just could not reach and get the stuff under that.  I tried and tried to think of something to use...finally thought and had Roger get me just a regular old teaspoon...and not the kind with the long handle for iced tea as that would have been too long.    I was able to push it through and/or reach and dig it out and get it.

I just got tickled thinking about what we use for tools...necessity is the mother of invention.   But it worked and I still have not thought of anything else I could have used.  I still have the front awning to do but am waiting till next week.  It is at least twice as long.

Funny, we built the porch as a deck...was not going to put a roof back on it.  But I could not stand to sit out there without one.  I felt naked.  But with the awning, I spend a lot of time out there...and everyone that comes, well, before Roger had the stroke...we all enjoyed sitting out there.  And still, if our one good neighbor sees us, he or sometimes he and his wife come over and we sit out there and visit...we can keep our 'social distance' just fine.

That is it for to go put on a load of laundry.  I think I am going to make a small meatloaf today. 

Hope you are having a good week...

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Worth waiting for....

At last, at last....homegrown tomatoes!  First outside...I could not even see what was on the screen when I took the shots...this is cropped.  I took two or three shots and they all look basically the same.

I think they look redder against the white background.

I came right in, washed them off and cut them up.  Roger is letting his share get cold.  I have done eaten mine.  They were delicious.  I was so afraid with all the rain we had been having that they would not have much flavor.  One year, when I used to have about 20 plants, none had any flavor whatsoever.  They were pretty as a picture, but just tasted about like water.

And there is another big one getting ripe.  Maybe more than one.  I did not get down and check this one plant.  It is so very bushy that you cannot see what is growing on it.

Eating a tomato fresh from the garden takes me back to childhood about as fast as anything.  I don't remember ever not liking tomatoes.  But my nephew, Glen, who was the same age as me spent two or three summers with us. 

We would play in the creek every day, and I do mean every day.  I swear I don't think we averaged missing a day per week.  Up in the afternoon before supper we would come in hungry and tired.  We would grab a tomato or two and the salt shaker.  Sometimes we just went and sat on the edge of the porch and ate them like an apple...but I think I sometimes sat at the table and cut mine up.  I cannot remember if Glen did or not.

I am getting ready to go in the sewing room...decide on something.  I think.

But I am reading High, Wide & Lonesome:  Growing up on the Colorado Frontier by Hal Borland.  I am almost done with it.  And I want to finish it but hate to see it end.  It is just their day to day life, written from his view when he was a kid.  And the hardships and joys.  It is well written...I got it when it was on sale for a couple dollars and consider it well spent.

I hope everyone stays save and has a good week ahead. 

Thursday, July 23, 2020


First, thought I would show this tree from the edge of the swamp area.  Always in previous years, I thought they were changing early due to lack of rain.  Not so this year.  We have had rain all along.  Then yesterday, on the way to the super walmart, I noticed sumac just as red as could be!  So, fall is thinking about heading our way.  And to be outside at dark, sounds like fall is already here.


I wish I had a decent place to photograph quilts but I just don't.  This quilt top is on a queen sized bed.  It has a block that hangs over each edge, except the head of the bed.  I suppose I need to add a border, but first I am going to see what batting I have and also thinking about what I have got to use as a backing.  I have fabric in mind for the backing and if I have to go no borders to use it, that is what I will do.

Not a lot going on other than this...I am still waiting on a tomato to ripen.  I have had one of the newer, smaller tomatoes rot on the vine.

Hope everyone is having a good week.

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Slowly but surely it is growing...

I promised myself I would not post a bunch of photos along the way...but here I go posting another pic of this before it is a finished top...much less a finished quilt.  I now have five rows sewing together.  Need to get 3, maybe four more added to it.

Most of the fabrics in the blocks are scraps from the scrap bin at the local quilt shop.  But still, I look at just this photo and see fabrics left from 3, no make that 4 pair of pjs I made for myself.  It is hard to buy pjs that I like, so I make my own.

I see fabrics from dresses for Lorelei, and I see fabrics from a quilt for her, and I also know there is fabric from two or three quilts of hers that I don't see in this particular view, and fabrics from other quilt projects.  The fabric between the blocks I got years ago and have been waiting for the right project.  I did not want to buy anything new for this so this was one of the few fabrics big enough to complete the project....
I need to get off here and vacuum and do a bit of housework...oldest daughter is heading this way in a bit...I think we are going to sew.  I need to hurry and do a few things.  I have enough time...hope you guys have a good week.

Sunday, July 12, 2020

From the yard....

First, this is what the Asiatic lilies I posted in my last post looks like now.  In real life they are more faded looking than this.  But look back at them and compare colors.  Almost like having two different plants.  But there is a fresh stem that is the darker color.

Another day lily...I have two bunches of these...they have only been blooming a couple days so should last a while.  The others are slowing down.  I really would like so get some with more vivid colors.

I am temped to call this pink hibiscus Old Faithful.  It started blooming a few days ago.  I think it had 7 blooms on it today.   Last year one day we counted 21 blooms at one time.  Not buds, but blooms.

This is the one I got at the greenhouse about a month ago.  This is its second bloom.  Yesterday it had its first.  If you think the color is odd, you are seeing it right.  It is just the oddest color red.  It was not the red I was going for, but I love it.
I did a couple loads of laundry today...and did some regular jobs around that we all have.  Oh, and Lorelei texted....she wants to come next week for a couple nights.  So, will have that to look forward, too.

OH, the other thing.  Got a call from SSI...late this evening.  Social Security I assume.  Caller ID just said SSI.  Who actually believes it was SSI?  Calling on a Sunday.   I did not answer, but not for lack of trying.  Our phone actually speaks and says whoever is calling...I thought it was saying of Roger's buddies.  I tried to get to it in time to answer but could not.  So was going to call him back, and when I went to caller ID, I saw it said SSI.  (You should hear it try to pronounce some names!)

I bet they would have had some big line of BS...sorry, I could not think of another word...they would have wanted my Social Security Number, and banking account, etc.

I have started adding the sashing and cornerstones to the quilt blocks.  It may take me the rest of the summer to get it done, but I hope not.

I hope we all have a good week ahead....

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Just had to share

Last night my daughter sent me this pic...over the weekend she and Sarah and Jeremy had got her shelving unit up and her bigger TV up and running.  She ordered a new sofa about the time she moved and it still has not arrived, so she has been using a small TV in her bedroom.  (I just now noticed the photo has my name on it...I did not take this photo, but am too lazy to redo it.)

Well, Delta was so interested/enthused with getting the big TV up and running.  From beginning to end.  When it was done, daughter put on the movie Secretariet for Delta....Delta watched the whole movie.  I think I have told you that she loves horses!  We would love to see what she would do if she met a real one. 


A just for fun photo...climbing the mountain of the way, those flip-flops are a size 7/8...womens.  Both the above and below photo were taken about a week ago, give or take a day or two.

These hostas are in full bloom now, while some of my others are just getting buds.  It is nice that they are spread out and have different times to bloom.


These are blooming taken about an hour ago.

Would you believe I spent all last week either on the phone or waiting for a phone call, or trying to complete a phone call and things are still not settled.  So started again Monday morn, and now this dr. is on vacation, so nothing to be done but wait.  He just wants Roger to try a nebulizer for his chronic cough.  I am willing to try anything.  He had me get an air purifier....I got two.  I actually think they may have helped a little bit.  Seems like within just minutes of getting outside the house, he has a coughing spell.  He still coughs inside, but I don't think as often as he did.

That is just a bit of what has been going on.

One of my sisters passed away last week..,the visitation was yesterday.  We did not go.  I am not sure how Roger would have handled the trip.  Google said it was basically a two hour drive...I think  an hour and 59 minutes....add to that a stop or two for a bathroom break,  and we are getting close to 2 and a half hours one there was a road closed, but I think it would not have added much to the length of drive.

I so want to go for a drive, an in the heat I hesitate to go.  We get on back roads where there is no phone reception, and I do not think Roger could handle the heat if the car broke I have been staying home in the worst of this heat.  It is supposed to stay over 90 all week...every day when I look at the weather it will be 92, 93...but then say it feels like 105!

I hope you are having a good week.  I am trying to relax and just not worry.  And take care of things when I can. 

Monday, June 29, 2020

What's for supper?

We had burgers off the easy end to a tiring day.  And they were delicious.  I only wish I had had a tomato from the garden to eat with it.  I had a slice of one from the store on the burger, but that is not the same as big thick slices on the side.  If my tomatoes don't have some good tomatoes this year, I might cry.  Or at the least I will feel like crying.

It has been a tiring day.  If I told you all the details, you would not even finish reading this.  I have spent almost every spare moment on the phone.    It just seemed like I could not get anything done.  A dozen phone calls to take care of one thing.  Then, had to get on line to register Roger for something else.  This after a trip to Terre Haute for his allergy shot.  And it is back there tomorrow for the scan I did the pre-register for.

All of this is a result of Roger saying his ear hurt.  Remember he actually had an ear infection a few months ago.  I had to take him to a different dr. where we go this past Saturday, and this guy is trying some new things to help control his chronic cough.  (When he got up Saturday morn he said his ear did not hurt, but I was afraid not to take him.)


We went to a greenhouse last week and I saw this flower...Mandevilla Sanderi..I know the first part of the name is right.  Plant Snap added the second part.  There was a bright, bright red one, too.  I would have loved either one if I thought I could keep it growing.

I went for a red hibiscus and I wanted another tomato plant.  I found the red hibiscus if it will just survive the planting.  It ought to feel better in the ground, I would think, than confined to a pot.  It was a greenhouse owned by some Amish people.  They had very few tomato plants left and those came in a container that held 4 plants.  I got four called Mountain Fresh...the lady said she used them for canning and eating and we shall see if they produce some good tomatoes.


I had more to tell but my mind just went blank so will hush.  Have a good week everyone!

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

A bit of this and that...

First, I will show you a block my daughter is made using the paper piecing method.  She bought the pattern from someone on Etsy.

This is her second is to become part of a baby quilt for a friend of hers.  Her friend is planning on grays for the baby room right now.  I would not mind making it in red fox colors.


We went to visit both our daughters this weekend...we had not seen their new homes and they have both been in them for over a month.   First one thing and then another prevented us from going.  At Lorelei's home, they have a bunch of baby squirrels...she has not got to feed them by hand any more.  But I had the most fun watching them.  There were at least 4 and they are all adorable.  Rosie chases their moms and then the mama squirrels tease her.  They get about 3 ft up the tree and flick their tail at her.

We have seen our daughters since all this with Covid 19 started, but there has been so much they had to do and so much going on that we have not really visited much to speak of.  It was just so good to see them in a relaxed situation.

And Jeremy changed my windshield wipers and put in a new battery for me.  I just hate asking him to do stuff like that but he just says it is what he is there for.  And does it as if he is having the best time of his life.  And truthfully, he always likes to keep a car that he is 'working' on...either improving it or he will buy one that has something a little bit wrong with it and he will fix it and drive it a while, and then sell it.  Or he will be helping a buddy do something to their car.  So, I guess this does seem like nothing to him.  But it sure helps me out.

I have two tomato plants...this one is a Big Boy.  As far as I can tell it has 4 tomatoes.  I have a Beef Master plant that does not look right.  I had not been able to find a single tomato on it till this afternoon and it does have at least one.    I did not attempt to take a picture of it.   I just hope some of these develop fully and taste good.  I could eat a dozen tomatoes from the garden if I had them.


Remember that I pulled up all the coneflowers last fall.  I figure I would have a lot come back this year as from year to year they have spread and spread.  Well, I do have about half a dozen plants, but this one is the only one that is even close to having a bloom.

I guess I should hit the publish button and be done with this.  I was going to do this post last night but just simply did not have the energy to do it. 

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

A new pic

My daughter sent me this pic the other night of Lorelei and her little dog Rosie...Rosie must have been totally worn out.  She is seldom still.  But look how Lorelei has grown!    It just boggles the mind how quick she has grown.


My leaf quilt top is still on the design wall as you can see...the real quilt name is Orange Peel.   Just in case you wondered.

On my ironing board is 70 crumb blocks.  I had half of them already made, and had several already started.  Anyway, finished those started and added more.  Now, I either have a few too many blocks or a few short...depending on how big I make the quilt top.  I was squaring the new ones up today...which actually means  I was cutting them to size.    Anyway...I use a rotary cutter and ruler and had an oops moment.  Sorry this is so blurry...and maybe I should not even show it...

I know to close my cutter when I finish a cut, but just didn't and believe me it was the oddest way to cut myself.  I got two fingers, one didn't bleed very much but this was the second wad of paper towel and it is saturated through all the folds.  But it did quit and I have band-aids on to keep them closed.  I know...not really the best thing to use, but other than my foot, I have never had any trouble healing.  If you have not experienced a rotary cutter, they are sharp, sharp, sharp.  At least the ones we use in quilting.   You just barely touch the edge and you have a cut.

Other news, I had got the oil changed in our vehicle. And for some reason I have been leaving it parked outside a lot since then till the past few days.  Well, I am getting oil spots on the garage floor...  so I called the place that changed the oil and am running it in there in the morning.  So much fun.
I have a little tomato...have not taken a pic of it yet.  I just have two plants...I am hoping to get some to eat.

That is all I can think of right now, but feel like I am forgetting something...

Sunday, June 14, 2020


The other day I came home and Chuck was actually out in front of our garage, but started to run across the street.

I always wonder if there is only one....and I think there is or we surely would have seen babies.  It has lived under a little building of a neighbor for over 5 years now...since well before Roger's stroke.  I think it is looking old.


This was the first critter photo I took yesterday.  It was also the only deer we saw.  It was in a field right before we get to the swamp area.....

One of the many, many dragonflies at the swamp.    I have other pics over on Time Stand Still.

Do you want one more way to waste time?  I have recently been on drives in England, in Canada, in New Zealand, in Russia.  All via the internet and the little man on Google maps.  Do you know about him?  (Please click the images to see better)

I would say most of you know about him, but just in case you don't, look up any place, in this case I googled Rockville, Indiana.  I just clicked on the image of the google map.  A regular map came up, and on this one where you see the little image of a map in the lower left, I clicked for this satellight image.

On the lower right side, see that little yellow man?  Click on him. Streets and roads become highlighted.

You can click anywhere a road is highlighted and you are immediately taken there.  For instance, I clicked on the road that goes west right outside the town, there where it says 36...and this is the view I seen:

You can turn all the way around to see what is on either side.  Sometimes my computer/internet takes a few seconds for the image to become clear.  Then click to go forward or turn around the other way.  It is a fun way to spend some time.  Also useful when you are going some place new.  I will google the address and then click the map and click the little man...and then click where the place is marked.

I have recently told two people about this that did not know you do this.  It is really fun to go look around.

Friday, June 12, 2020

Just a bit of this and that...

These are fabric scraps my daughter gave me...and some are so pretty, I want to wait and find something special to use them in.  They are from a line of Tula Pink fabrics.  There are some really fun fabrics if you care to scroll down through the link and look.

I don't know how many of you use Instagram.  I joined mainly because a friend of mine completely stopped blogging and she told me two or three times I should join.  And I did, and I really enjoy it.  But I got away from it for a while and not real sure why.  I had not even been 'looking' hardly at all.  It is easy, cause for the most part people just click the heart symbol that they like a pic and go on.

However, I have not developed any 'friendships' like I have with blogging.  But I have started posting a pic here and there again, and last night I was thinking I had not seen any photos from a couple guys.  One a long time blogging friend, but not someone I emailed back and forth with.  Then the other was someone I found on Instagram.  And I LOVED his photos...I thought I haven't seen a single pic of his in ages and ages..and the thing was I could not remember his instagram name....and could only remember his first 'real' name.

So started going through my list of followers and there he was...I clicked PrairieEyes and took me to his page and it said

In Memory Of....oh, I cannot tell you how hard that hit.  And I did not really know him at all.  So, googled his name....

He had died doing what he loved...photographing rural Saskatchewan and Montana...maybe other rural areas...I am not sure just where all he photographed. He posted pictures of old barns, houses, churches, grain elevators, etc....I don't know if he ever posted a picture that I didn't like, and most of them I truly loved.  There was just something about them  He had stepped on a loose planks and fell in a well...and he was not found till the next day when a rescue mission found his vehicle...and found him.

So that led me to thinking of EG Camera Girl...I will always miss her...and there are two or three others that just stopped posting and I always wonder what happened.

I know this is not a bright and cheerful post...but just had to talk about it a bit.

I hope you all are going to have a great weekend...

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Chaos reigns + a funny

I put on a pot of navy beans this morn after breakfast...which consisted of taking Roger through the drive through.  When Lorelei stays with us I always cook breakfast...she was here from Monday till yesterday afternoon.  So Roger was ready to go drive through.  I came home and had a piece of toast and jelly...I was not very hungry.

I ate quickly, and went and tied up the two tomato plants.  They are growing like crazy but I have not seen a single bloom yet.  I had picked up a few more rocks, so put them around the plants.  I am hoping they will do better than the last time I had tomatoes.

I came in and vacuumed and mopped...just a bit of this and that in the house.  Then I headed to the sewing room.

Though this does look like chaos, not all my fabric looks like this.  These are just scraps...some are actually from me...or from my daughter

But a lot are scraps that I bought from the local fabric shop.  They have a plastic bin or tote or whatever you call it always about half full of scraps.  I can fill a gallon bag as full as  I can fill it....I am supposed to be able to close it but they never have said a word.  But I get it for $5. 

I thought I had enough of the scrappy crumb blocks to make a top, but when I went and got them I didn't.  Though I think I need to go look again.  Maybe they got separated.  I only had 35 in the stack you see at the top right in the photo below.  They are 9½ square.

I had a few I have been making the past few days.  And I dug out some more that were started from other times.  I sat and got 3 or 4 or 5 finished, plus some more started.  But I sat in there All afternoon.  It felt wonderful.   I have been trying to spend a few minutes every day this week doing something in there...yesterday was the one day I did not sew a stitch or even play with fabric.

Most people do not understand how I am about fabric.  Now my girls could come in and get any fabric I have.  Even my Kaffe Fassett fabrics or any of my batiks.  Or my quilting friends, which are not that many and they are on line friends...if I had just the perfect fabric they were searching for...they could have it.

But I have so much trouble cutting even those scraps from the quilt shop.   I get some big chunks of fabric in those bags of scraps and I cannot bring myself to cut off strips or crumbs to put in these crumb blocks.

I don't know if it comes from my mom not having much fabric to work with when I grew up.  What she had was literally leftovers from making dresses and skirts and shirts.  And some of my sisters gave her some of theirs from home sewing.  It was all such a treasure.  I do not know how she made the number of quilts that she made.

Anyway even thought Lorelei went home yesterday, today managed to be an okay day.  I know her mom misses her and she misses her mom and dad and her pets...but oh, it is so empty when she goes home.


A true funny story follows.  I don't know why it crossed my mind yesterday evening but it did and I have to share it with you:

I don't know how it came about, but Roger and one of his bosses got to talking about embarrassing things.  And he admitted to Roger that one morning he got up, hurried and got ready and headed out on his morning walk.  I don't remember how long he walked, but it was not a ten minute was a substantial one.  And I don't recall why he was in such a hurry.  But he got about half way through his walk and looked down and he only had underwear on his bottom half.  I never did know if that was tidy whities or if it was boxers...but I get so tickled every time I think of it.  He told Roger he just could not get home quick enough.  They lived out in the country so houses were few and far between...I do think he had to pass some houses, but I don't think any cars passed him.

Hope that gave you a chuckle...I laughed till I cried when I thought of it.  I guess it was funnier for me since I knew him. 

Friday, June 5, 2020

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Lorelei and friend...

I got texts messages the other day...I think I told someone I got a call...but it was text message along with two or three photos.

Look close at the bottom of the window...see that tiny squirrel?  It is a baby...and she was wondering about making friends with it.  I suggested sunflower seeds, and if she had an apple to cut in open.  She wondered why an apple...I told her cause it has a strong scent and that is how I made friends with Mama Squirrel.  But she didn't have an apple.    She ask about a strawberry...I said try it.  so, we texted a minute more and I had not heard any more.

I got a phone call yesterday evening, and there was all this excitement in her voice and she said 'Guess what, Mamaw!'

Well, I knew right away she had had success.

You cannot see it, but she said she could not stop smiling the whole time.  There are two or three babies, and one of them did take the strawberry and went up the tree to eat it.

Just thought I would share this bit of happiness...

Hope you all are having a good weekend.

Friday, May 29, 2020


This was originally posted in 2008. Since then, the house has burned down. So much has changed up there that it does not seem like the same place. I don't know if any one that reads my blog now has read this. Partly cause I cannot remember if I have ever reposted it.

I debated on posting about this but I just want to share it, though I doubt if I can make you understand the way I feel about this place.

Once upon a time, when my husband and I were young and had stars in our eyes and thought all things were possible, we decided to quit our jobs here in Terre Haute, Indiana and move to Tennessee, my home state. We moved to the little house/cabin in the top picture. I have no idea how old it is, but I have loved that place since I can remember. I still love it, and would move there in a heartbeat--though I don't know what I would do with all my sewing and my husbands things would not fit anywhere there. But there is no house on earth that I would trade that place for if it were mine.

The other picture is one of the views we had from our front yard. And you go on up the holler past that barn to get to the place that Neal and all of us lived...where most of us were born.  (I was and one brother was born in the hospital.)

When we lived up there, my mom's best friend lived at this house pictured here.
In our case, my best friend/sister-in-law lived less than half a mile on down the road from us, and my mom a little bit farther. I visited with both daily, either by phone or actual face to face...and it took me forever to be broke from that when we moved back to Indiana. But it was so good while it lasted.

Out by the barn, I had a garden that would be by most standards a big garden--I had potatoes, tomatoes, sweet corn, hickory cane corn with cornfield beans growing up those stalks, bush beans , cucumbers, and what all else I cannot remember. I canned beans, and sold beans, and canned sliced green tomatoes and made tomato juice. And canned whole tomatoes. We bought peaches and I canned those.

My husband could shoot his guns off the front porch if he wanted, though he always got out in the front yard and used a picnic table as a rest. He could get in I think 500 yard shots to sight in his rifles....he could shoot his bows in the front yard as was the ideal for us.

I got to stay home while he first got a job at a local college, and from there a lumber yard, and then he got to go to a vocational school and learn to weld. Well, being a little older than the students out of high school, he got along real well with his teacher who was a wonderful man.

There was also machine shop classes taught there--and it had a remedial course it taught two nights a week for people that needed refresher courses.
Roger talked to that teacher and he agreed to let Roger come and set in on those...he would not get credit or anything but he would still have some knowledge of lathes, etc. So he really took advantage of everything he could there and it has served him well throughout his life.

I do not know what the hold is that this place has over me...most of the time autumn makes me so homesick for it. And I dream about it...not as often as I used to, but often enough. And I don't like to wake from the dreams. I always try to go back to sleep and dream more. There is just a feel to the has always had a hold over me.

When we were kids, the owners of this place lived in Michigan and we mowed the yard for them. I loved having that excuse to go up there and go in the house. It never seemed to get hot enough to matter in the summer...about all we ever did when we lived there was open the window in our bedroom and open the back door. The cool air coming off that mountain cooled everything out.

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Thursday, May 28, 2020


Guess what happened yesterday?

Roger actually went fishing with his buddy...above is the first pic Billy sent me of Roger with a fish...I assumed it was his first one but wish now I had ask.  They have worked and 'played' together for years.  Billy has tried to get him to go hunting every season since his stroke.  And Roger will act like he is going to go, but then backs out.

He was absolutely worn out when he got home.  I had to leave to go get the oil changed and tires rotated just a few minutes after he got home.  When I got back home about 30-45 minutes later, he was sound asleep in his recliner.  And when he went to bed last night he said it felt so good to lay down.
I did not do much today, but felt like I had worked hard.  LOL  Just some of the usual and washing dishes.  Balanced checkbook.  Most people I know just glance at their statement and never actually balance it...but I always go through the motion.

That is it for this post...hope you all have a good weekend ahead.