Thursday, January 16, 2014

The day just past

The day just past has been a roller coaster ride for me with emotions...oh, not a bad one but just one of those days...we had had to have the trucked worked on and they called that it was ready.  So ran and got it, then ran to Walmart.

As some of you might remember, I love to watch youtube videos late at night...I have been watching them by streaming them through our Blu-ray player, but apparently that part of the player became corrupted.  So, I have been limited to Netflix on TV.

I had looked at the Roku players before we got it, but decided on the player.  So I had gone back to looking at the Roku but did not do any in depth comparisons between the models.  Well, I wanted to glance at them at Walmart...and ended up getting one.  I had a bad feeling about it...I got the middle of the road model.  The players did not have the chart on the back that allows you to look at what each model offers side by side.

Got home and got it hooked Youtube.  I get on-line and that only comes with the top of the line model.  I didn't think Walmart would take it back but they did and I got the other model and got it hooked up.  And everything much easier than through the Blu-ray player.

I came in here to write a quick email and had a note from my brother asking me if I had listened to this video in a while:

For awhile it would not play on Youtube....too long of a story to go into. Anyway, it just seemed like my cup was too full of blessings.  I have the song and can play it any time but it is not the same as sitting and watching a slide show from home.

Now I have just watched the move The Simple Life of Noah Dearborn.  I had read about it at A Joyful Cottage....I am so thankful she mentioned it.  It will be a favorite--one I remember and will
probably watch again.

So overall it has been a good day...I do have other concerns but won't bore you with them.  Just wanted to share the good things that have happened today.