Saturday, April 11, 2015

A few more batiks

Yesterday we stopped at the Threads of Time quilt shop in Danville, Illinois....I picked up a few more batik fabrics to add to the Lotus quilt.  I let my daughter choose which ones she wants to add and surprisingly, the two I was sure she would pick are the two she did not choose.
Roger mowed the yard for the first time today...I hung out two loads of laundry....and sewed in between other small jobs.

I also sat on the front porch and read a few minutes.  It is what I look forward to all winter.  That and having coffee/breakfast out there.  What do you look forward to doing once the winter has gone?  

I always look forward to the return of the red-winged blackbirds and the robins.  Hanging out laundry is high on the list...and then later in the summer it is fresh tomatoes from our garden!

fFrom the past year

This is one from last October...I have had in a draft ever since that week probably.  Just never got around to posting it.  Mushrooms have always captured my attention.  They come in such amazing forms and colors. 

We had some really strong winds last night...but clear today.  It is the first day without rain in several days.  I think we are supposed to have a couple more clear days, and the rain may move back in on Monday.  Though I am ready for some clear days, rain is better than snow and bitter cold temps. 

We took off for the day today...I did not do one single stitch of sewing.  Hopefully I can get back in the groove tomorrow.