Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My girl....

Wouldn't you know it?  Lorelei was all set to go trick or treating...has had her outfit for a while.  She goes home Sunday, and comes down with a cold.  I think she has hardly slept the past two nights.  When Sarah called me this evening, Lorelei had stayed on the couch all day.  And her little cousin just does not know what to think.  He keeps bringing her toys, wanting her to play.

Lorelei's daddy came up with the idea of putting candy in each room and having Lorelei go from room to room in their house to find it.  Instead, she wanted to wait and open the door and give it out.  Sarah sent me this picture of her as she waits for children to come.
Another cold day here...with bitter cold wind.  We hooked the trailer to the truck, loaded up, and took the stuff to the auction house.  She said it may be the first of December before it is sold.  I told her that was is out of my house and out of the way.  So, will be waiting a while before we see what surprises there will be on what sells for how much.
 I captured this hawk sometime before we left for Tennessee...I think we were on our way home from Paris, Illinois.  Luckily, we could pull off the road.
He didn't sit still long once I got out of the car...but I considered myself lucky to get these.  They are a bit better if opened up in a new tab/window.
So, the cold wind has blown all day.  I suppose we have Sandy to think for that.  I think we won't know for a while the extent of the damage from the hurricane.  It is hard to imagine what people are going through while the rest of us sit in the comfort of our own home.