Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More scenes from my chair

Even though we got snow today, I ended up just staying home. And to be honest, I didn't do much here except fix our meals and do dishes. I did try to capture some of the birds though. The geese above were taken yesterday and today...and this is just a small portion of what I noticed. Every time I glanced out, or was outside I seen/heard geese.
How do you like my thing to hang the bird feeders on? I wanted one a little bit taller than normal so Roger took rebar and a long length of pipe and designed this for me. I am 5'3" tall and I will need a step stool to get the feeders down to fill them. At least one of the cats cannot jump up and nab a bird.
The cardinals were here today--in all the snow.
Doesn't he look cold?
We got done with the baby's room just in time...I have yet to take any pictures. It will probably not be what you expect, thought it is really pretty. But I don't think my camera can capture the true color of it.

This coming weekend my other daughter moves to her own apartment...and guess what? We have snow--a winter storm warning is in effect. And it is worse the farther south you go. Last night when the news was on, Terre Haute had 2 inches of snow and up here about 20 minutes north, we only had a skim.

Tonight, when Rachel was heading home, she called to tell me she was leaving the gym. She thought they had maybe 3-4 inches of snow, and at the most we have 2 inches. But more is coming tonight and tomorrow. And I think there is a chance of snow Thursday and Friday, also.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Enjoy your snow, Rose. I love the feeding area and your bird feeders.

I'm sure the baby's room is WONDERFUL.. After all, it's the BABY that is important and not the room..

Hope your daughter can get moved this weekend. The weather doesn't sound promising, does it??? Yipes!!!

Hope you don't get any of that ice that many have gotten today. That's no fun!!!!


Carletta said...

Great geese pics! I was on the phone with my Mom this afternoon and out of the corner of my eye I saw a flock but no time to grab my camera.
I love that barn bird feeder and the pics are great too.
We have almost four inches and now ice on top. I'll be in for awhile!

Your EG Tour Guide said...

WOW! Roger made that? Very nice. I see the cardinal thinks so too. ;-)

Hope you don't get too much snow...just enough to make the world look clean.

George said...

I like your collage of the geese and the feeder hanger your husband made. The barn is a great looking feeder.
I hope you get through the next couple of days with the winter storm that's heading your way. Stay safe and stay warm.

Leedra said...

I would be staying inside too, getting ready for that baby. Mason (grandson) has a room at our house. They spend Sunday afternoons here all the time, we are so close to their church. His room has my baby crib in it. Yep, it is old!

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Mary said...

Love the geese collage! Your husband is very talented to make that nice feeder! More attractive them the store bought hooks. I'm only 5'2, so I understand about the filling stuff! I need to fill a niger sack today and can't reach it and there is too much snow for me to want to get the stepstool out there. That's a cute barn feeder....so perfect for a barn lover like you!

Deborah Godin said...

Great shots - those birds look like they'd make a neat quilt! And the feeder is really cool - love the shot of the cardinal with the snowy face! We got a real blast of snow this morning, it stopped briefly, not more is coming. Mommieeee!!

Pat - Arkansas said...

I've had to play catch up on my blog reading and have really enjoyed your geese, birds and snow photos. The Mama Squirrel sequence is wonderful! I love it that she eats out of your hand.