Saturday, April 27, 2024

Favorite of mine...

 Dogwood blossoms are are probably at the top of the list of favorite blooming bushes...and even among flowers they are at least tied for the top.  I yet have to get a good picture.


We had excitement this morn.  I was just getting up when there was a knock at our door and my daughter said, 'mom, you want to come help me a minute?'  So I come out and she has a young squirrel that is wet, wrapped in paper towels to absorb part of the moisture.  She ask me to hold it while she went and got another one.

It turns out that some how they had got washed down the drain spout off the corner of the house out back.  Copper heard them, and tore the end of the gutter lose that goes down to the drain that drains it away from the house.  There were two in the drain, and it was full of water...they had their heads above water, but just barely.  

I think Copper had gotten the one before she got out there...she got him in and got the one that was struggling in the is the one she brought to me...then she went back and got the other.  The mama squirrel was out there and she was fighting fact she was in the tree right beside my daughter barking and fussing at her.  And when Copper had the one, she had been on this partial wall that is out there and daughter was afraid she was going to attack Copper.

The one he had, still had a lot of life, but would not calm she took them both out front in the hopes the mother squirrel would come to them...and we would look at them off and on.  They were too weak to climb the tree.  And it was starting to rain...

She thought a bit and got a box and taped all across the top with duct tape to repel water...and put a lot of paper towels in it to absorb water from them...and put them in it.  She also closed up the bottom flap to help conserve their body heat...and put in some pecans just in case they would eat.  We were hoping that when they got warm, they would feel better.

We watched for a bit and they remained in it.  After an hour or so, we had plans so left them there for a couple hours.  We came home and they were up in the tree.  The box was gone!  We assume the wind blew it as we could not find it anywhere.  

When they were first out there, the mother squirrel was out there in the tree, maybe they will be okay.  

So that was the adventure for the day...I am just hoping they live...