Saturday, May 4, 2024

Latest puzzle

 I opened this puzzle today.  With the off chance that my daughter might want to work on it, I now at least hunt out the edge pieces, and if she does start to work it, I will put them together.  I still prefer to work sections and get them in place before I put the edge together because they are easier to slide around.   But I am flexible and will gladly work one either way.  The one thing I have often wondered is could a person ever work a jigsaw puzzle while only looking at the backside of the pieces.  She does even want to try.  I would not mind trying on a 500 piece puzzle...but it may never happen.


At least one of the little squirrels keeps coming out back...maybe to get water from the my daughter put out a bowl of water.  If Copper sees it he is wild to get out to it so we really have to watch when we go to let him outside.


I did watch the Kentucky Derby.  And I probably always will if I remember...I had forgotten today till my daughter reminded me.  But used to, the couple hours before the race was spent telling about individual horses and their owners.  The horse's personality, how he was acquired, maybe who his sire was, etc.  The past 4 or 5 years at the least, has slowly gotten till I don't even care if I see or not.  It is all about the stars who are there, and who is wearing what, etc.  And I just don't care who is there, I don't want to see them.  I want to see the horse, and the owners and the riders...they tell a little bit now, but nothing like they used to.  

And I am apt to walk away and do something else...and miss what little they do tell.

I would have loved to meet Secretariat and SeaBiscuit because of their personalities...