Monday, January 26, 2009

As I sit here

As I sit here and contemplate about what to write, I have been watching numerous V's of geese fly over. Not huge V's but still, it seems like this is becoming more and more of a pathway for them. I do not know where they go, unless it is to the river. Maybe tomorrow we can take a drive and figure it out.

I am also watching the birds at my feeders that my older daughter got me for Christmas. I have had so much pleasure from them. There are cardinals, juncos, nuthatches, different sparrows, titmice, and I am probably leaving out something but they are not all out there right at this moment. Right now it is the female cardinal and a couple juncos.

We have a town hawk...not sure what kind it actually is so I just call it a town hawk. How's that for a scientific name? It was sitting in a tree across the street. I got on my old fake carhartt jacket and with camera in hand went out to try to get a photo of it, but it had taken flight before I got out there. He has been in this area for several years now. Over by the railroad is some open fields, and when I used to take our dog over there for a walk, I would see it hunting over there. That is only a block away, but I have seen it flying over the yards in the neighborhood also.

So much has changed...and some of it for the better. Just in my lifetime, in our area I have seen an increase in geese, and I had not seen a wild turkey till some years ago. I even think there are more deer and more hawks than when we were first married. And I had not noticed a Northern Harrier hawk till just 2 or 3 years ago. There is a difference in them that you notice. For one thing, they have a longer tail and a white patch on their rump, and just their general flight pattern is different than the other hawks. Whatever the reason, I really enjoy seeing all the animals.


George said...

Rose, it sounds as if you are sitting in a great place to enjoy all kinds of birds. We enjoy the view out on our deck as well.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Isn't it fun, Rose, to watch all of the wildlife around us??? Today, we saw a pack of 6 deer on the golf course. We had just seen several a couple of days ago (which I wrote about) --and now more!!!! In the past, I just didn't take time to notice. Now I DO--and love watching!!!!

Great post.. Enjoy your critters.

Deborah Godin said...

Interesting notes and musings on changes in your neck of the woods.

Tricia said...

Are you guys getting any bad weather where you are? Stay in or stay safe if you go out driving anywhere tomorrow - we're getting rain, ice, & sleet right now - the roads are covered, so I don't think dad is going to open the office tomorrow, which means I'm not going to be able to go to work.

dot said...

I'm glad the little guy has a nice feathered coat to keep him warm.

Leedra said...

Rose, it does seem like there are more Hawks, but is it just that I have slowed down enough to see it all? I saw a Red tail today, but was on a photography assignment and could not stop to try to capture. Would have liked to, camera was in the back seat, but I was on the clock.

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Abe Lincoln said...

Nice photo and an excellent piece of writing.

Old Wom Tigley said...

Hi Rose
I have noted to that the wild life around where I live is far better than when I was younger. Seems the in the UK towns have been invaded by countryside animals as food is scarcer because of farming practises. It's a shame it is happening like that. Also our rivers are so clean now, which as attracted more wildlife.

Good luck capturing a shot of your 'Town Hawk'.. :O)


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Neal said...

Rose, I really like that shot with the background not in focus so the bird really stands out.

Mary said...

Watching birds in the snow, from the comfort of home...great way to spend the day! I'm glad you are having an increase of birds and animals in the area. It seems like it is usually the other way around when man comes along.

don said...

A fine close up of this fluffed up bird. You have more variety than I get with my feeders - mostly finches and nuthatches. When the heavy snow comes, then I have more takers for the free seeds!

Your EG Tour Guide said...

How interesting that you are seeing MORE animals. I think in my area there a many LESS songbirds. I think that's very sad. But we still get tons of goldfinches, purple finches and chickadees.