Wednesday, May 29, 2024

 We have been having weather that changes but thankfully not the violent weather that some are having.  It was so strange...we had thunder and lightning, but could see sunshine through the storm.  I have seen rain and sun at the same time plenty of times, but don't remember seeing it storming, and wind blowing like crazy but able to see sunshine on past it.  It was as if just a few of the houses had it.  It lasted a few minutes and the rainbow appeared.  There was actually a double, but doesn't show here.  

*********                                                                                                                       I vacuumed this day and ran to walmart for a few items, balanced checkbook.  Does anyone else balance their checkbook?  I never hear anyone mention it, and several say they just glance at the statement to see if they see anything they don't recognize.  

Of course I had dishes to do.  We have a dishwasher, but I just always seem to do them by hand.  When I was a kid, washing dishes after the evening meal was my job.  I hated it...and would try to put it off.  Mom would always say that I could wait, but that I would have to get up and do them the first thing the next morn.  If I had had a dishwasher then, it would have been used.  There was always something more fun to do than wash dishes.

That is about it for today...