Monday, May 27, 2024

499, but who is counting....

 The numbers slowly go up.  I don't recall if I sewed over a day or two last week, but did spend a couple hours upstairs the past couple days trimming blocks to size.  Unlike most quilting blocks, these are just using up odd bits of fabric.  Most blocks you cut the components to a set size and when sewn together, the blocks should all be the same size.  (If you are a quilter, you know that is not always that easy to do.)

With these little blocks, the center 'square' is first of all, not always the same size, and it can be a rectangle if you want, or if that is all you have of the fabric you want to use.  And they don't have to be a perfect square or rectangle either.   So that is why they are first made and then trimmed to size.  

It has been a quiet day in the neighborhood...after storms last night as well as fireworks.  Copper was not happy.  I hate it for him so bad.  He isn't as bad as one Collie I had...she was absolutely terrified of storms.  And the last dog we had before we moved here was fine with storms, but did not like howling wind.  Even with that, she was fine if I slept on the couch, she would sleep on the floor up against the couch and was fine if I were there.