Wednesday, May 22, 2024


 I was upstairs last night in some of my sewing stuff...I am calling this a quilt lingo that is Un-Finished Object.  In reality I think it was just a practice piece of free motion quilting.  I am not sure what I will do with it.  So I put it back in storage.

I seem to stay busy....went upstairs and vacuumed this morn, after stripping our bed and throwing it in the washer.  Normally I wait and put the sheets right back on the bed, but this time I went ahead and put a set on soon as I got the load started.  I feel like I am wrestling an elephant when I put the fitted sheet on.  I measured the mattress and it is 13 1/2 inches deep so it is quite feat to get the last corner on sometimes.

It rained during the night...actually stormed but I did not hear the storming part.  The day was sunny and warm and windy, but in a matter of minutes it clouded over and looks like rain again.

I need to go give meds here in a minute and see if Roger wants some strawberries and cool whip...not sure what I will do then.