Thursday, December 27, 2007

I finally found this picture and scanned it in...
Anyway, I thought I had a picture of beans strung on a string and actually hanging up but was not lucky enough to find it, but did find this one of some on the string waiting to be hung...we would hang them up around the edge of the porch...I don't actually remember this for sure but think if it was threatening to rain and blow in, we surely took them down. When cooked the beans definitely had a different taste--kind of a strong taste. And they were darker colored than normal.

We also used to dry apples. We would peel them and cut them into fairly thin slices and spread them out to start drying...then put them in these white heavy called them feed bags but they are NOT the material we call feed sacks. anyway, after they had started to dry we put them into these sacks and left them in the sun to finish drying. They had a leathery texture...and are quite a good snack. I keep thinking I will try some that way here, but never do.

Otherwise, I took down and put away the Christmas decorations--whoops! I just now remembered I left my Santa Claus on the front door. I will have to get that in a few minutes while it is still on my mind. It is such a chore to put the Christmas tree away...I do not know know how many trips up and down the basement stairs I had to make. A minimum of 6, possibly 8 or 9.

I also have been looking for a box of pictures I have taken and not got in albums...most of my black and white pictures. There is at least one I want to share...of cows. It is one of my favorites. So hopefully I will be able to think clearer tomorrow and remember what I done with them...

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Barb said...

Rose, Nope didn't do this with the beans...but the apples we would slice thin and dry them ever so slowly in the *old cookstove*, special pan needed and slid into the oven!

My Christmas decos are still in place, they were completed so late (Christmas weekend) that I want to enjoy them a bit longer. We will still be celebrating Christmas tomorrow with more family coming in from out of town! Barb