Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Yes, I am ready for warmer weather, with green growing things. I am ready to be outside without a coat on. I am even ready and willing to mow the yard again! I am so ready for tomatoes out of my own garden. (Yes that is tomato blooms in the second picture) And I am ready to hang out clothes again--at least when I want to. I could now but they would be coming in frozen stiff as a board. And I do remember when my mom had no other choice. I can remember her bringing in jeans that would stand on their own. But I don't remember what she did with them when she brought them in like that.

Speaking of jeans, I also remember having to iron them...I remember when almost everything was ironed. Speaking of ironing leads to todays challenges...I had laundry going and was going to make the backings for the baby quilts. I had to iron the last two borders on the last baby quilt. I ironed the first and sewed the second border on and was trying to iron it...I discover that my iron has quit. I switched plugs just to make sure...no luck.

I came upstairs and checked on the QYW forum to see what others had recommended in the past...while doing that I happened to think about consumer reports. Their tests were from a year or two past, but the highest recommended was one of the Black and Decker models...
so with it in mind plus the other two best buys recommended, I headed to our local Walmart. The shelves there were almost bare!

I decided to come home and call a few stores to see what I could find...it did take me at least an hour to check with 6 places. Everyone seemed to be working short-handed. So it took longer....but finally found one at Sears. The one with the highest rating...so I called my husband to stop on his way home from work and pick it up for me. I just did not feel like getting back out in the cold. It did make me appreciate the fact that I didn't have to, that I don't have to hang clothes outside in weather like this, that I have a warm and safe house to sleep in....yet I can't help but be ready for spring to arrive.


Sheri said...

Ther's nothing like the smell of clothes hung outside to dry.
I remember those frozen clothes too. LOL

Barb said...

Oh yes the memories of the frozen stiff clothes, and the fresh smell as they thawed in the house, draped on every possible spot near the 'registers' in the house! Rose you bring back the sweetest memories for so many of us!

I do hope the new iron works well for you, I have heard good things about the B/D too!

Have a great day, and enjoy finishing up the baby quilts!


You hang a great line of clothes. My mother and I are clothesline snobs. I'm not sure where you are, but in California we have so many here that just throw their laundry over the chainlink fence. Yuck.
I'm sure clotheslines will make a comeback and hope more people can see the benefit of this simple pleasure.