Saturday, March 22, 2008


Not actually good pictures but they are fun....
I just had to share these even though I had second thoughts about it...this is my school of catfish. They love nothing better than for my husband to tie one of their toys on the end of the fishing line, and then he swings it through the air or kind throws it out a few feet and reels it back in. This is one way to make sure they settle down for the night!
He usually quits when they start panting too hard. Then he has to actually take the rod and put it in a closet and lock the door...even then they sometimes go rattle the door wanting to play more.


  1. Aren't cats wonderful!
    I have two. People tend to think cats aren't smart, but they are very aware. Ours knows which cabinet the food is in!

  2. Fun picture, my 'elderly' cat comes running everytime she knows I am putting on my sneakers -- she loves grabbing the laces to play. She is not to old to play at 16 years old! When she hears the cat food bag she is right at the dish and waiting! Cats are great and yes they are smart!

  3. LOL Rose...that's too funny!

  4. Hello Rose
    These did make me laugh... I have done much the same in the past with a young German Shepherd pup.. I'm very glad you showed them.. tell hubby all that practice will pay off in the end.

    Tom ;o)

  5. Rose: I checked this one out and you fooled me with the label, how funny.


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