Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Night view, bunny report and more

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This is a shot I took the other night looking down through the backyards of my neighbors. I took it after I took those moon shots the other night. I suppose the leaves of the nearest tree are lit so well because my neighbor had her outdoor light on. There was just a bit of fog, but it doesn't show in this shot, but it is the reason I took the shot. I wish now I had taken more cause I like the coloring in this.

Otherwise, Clover is definitely growing. He wants to get loose and when he does I don't know that I will ever be able to catch him...he definitely loves clover. I think I can tell he has grown since the weekend. He cleans himself just like the cats--he will lick his paws and just scrub his own little face. So darling.

And Mama Squirrel has babies that are up fairly big--much bigger than I thought they would be. They race around so I cannot tell if it is three babies or two babies and Mama playing. But I really think it is three babies. So far she has not brought them over to see us, and I don't think she will since the big maple is gone. Last year, she had her last litter across the street but soon as they were out and moving, she brought them over here to us and our tree.

She still comes to eat, but I don't catch her as often. And honestly, the past two or three days have been so windy I don't think she has come...she never likes the wind. I don't know if it is confusing for her, or if it brings more noises to her ears. Either way, she is always much more skittish when it is windy.


dot said...

Glad Clover is doing well. I imagine he will take off first chance he gets but I hope he is big enough to take care of himself when he does.

Ferreira-Pinto said...

Tell Clover to be smart and stay around :)

Carletta said...

Love the night shot Rose - the neighbor's light made a real nice play of the light on the tree.
Give Clover a little hug!

imac said...

Great night photo, captured well.

Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comments.

Barb said...

YaaaaHoooo for Clover that she/he is doing so well! You know even though you will set her free, she might stay nearby anyway - but still needs to be a bunny of the wild!

Your previous post about your friend and neighbor is wonderful, reminds me of a special neighbor that was in my life as a child, and her name was Mrs. Mitchell, GREAT LADY! Even my children had a chance to know Mrs. Mitchell, she never seemed to grow older, I MISS HER!

Your EG Tour Guide said...

So glad to hear lover is enjoying clover. ;-) Probably means he/she ia happy.

Squirrels are so fun to watch, especially baby ones.