Thursday, July 24, 2008

Strip pit expeditions....

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All these photos were taken on Monday at the area of the photo in my header with the exception of the trumpet vine which was on the way home from there. Even after all the years of pulling it away from the apple trees at the orchard, I still think it beautiful. It should be my own personal enemy, but I can't help but love it on its own territory.

We not only went to this area Monday but went back yesterday evening...I could just sit out there and watch the sky all day. Not only that but there is just so much more to see as in the little yellow flowers as well as the purple one...along with maybe deer every now and then. And yesterday evening was amazing...I have never seen so many dragonflies in all my life. They were literally swarming....I bet hundreds of them. I got to watching and told my husband, LOOK!
Watch the other insects and watch the dragonflies....they were snatching dozens and dozens of insects out of the air. One can't help but hope that it was mosquitoes.

This was right before sundown and soon as the sun was gone, the dragonflies disappeared. I could not spot any anywhere...not on the weeds nor anything else. You may be sure we will be going back out there. And don't forget to watch tomorrow evening for Skywatch Friday's will have views from out there. I am really having trouble deciding on which ones I want to post.


Your EG Tour Guide said...

I'm so sorry you appear to have a spammer!

Thanks for your lovely trip to see the wildflowers and I look forward to seeing which photo you decide to post for Sky Watch.

Mary said...

Did you know that you can remove those deleted comments completely? There is a box to check that will take them away totally. What a nusiance span can be! I've been lucky so far. Your photos are beautiful! I've always wondered if the trumpet vines attract hummingbirds. They look like they would. Dragonflies do eat mosquitoes...yippee! Looks like a wonderful place to sit and enjoy the end of the day :-)