Wednesday, August 27, 2008

From Insect Alley....

These images should enlarge when clicked...still have a few problems with that intermittently. I have been having some issues with noise in my photos and been trying to solve that mystery. Although most were taken at high ISOs which would cause it, I have a few that were taken at the lowest ISO. Anyway, due to messing with that I have not visited and commented on any blogs, but will get back to that shortly. I have decided to try to sit back and see how the next few shooting sessions pan out. I really think if there was something wrong with my camera/equipment that I would not have got the good photos that I did today.

I went on a mission this morn to take more photos and came home after taken 107 in about 2 hours. I ended up heading to one of my two favorite places to skywatch; I almost did not make it to those places...the road pictured could have been name Butterfly Boulevard just as easily as Insect Alley...or even Bee Street. I chose Insect Alley to cover them all. Today was one of the best shooting days I have ever had for butterflies...I did see a Buckeye that I could not get to capture. However, I did get lots of monarchs and another that I do not know the name well as this one little one I will show you sometime in the next week that I have never seen before.

I do plan to do Sky Watch so it will probably be Saturday when I start back with the butterflies. I hope you enjoy this little preview.

FYI: I have to tell this on myself: I know how to spell mystery...have known how since childhood. But I did spell check and in that first paragraph I had spelled it mistery! What is more I had to click on it because I could not think how to spell it. I am tired...I need to go get a snack and sit down and watch some mindless television.


dot said...

I'll be looking forward to seeing all those photos. Don't you just love a good picture taking day like you had!
The pictures in this post are beautiful especially the butterfly against that blue sky.

Carletta said...

Gorgeous shots Rose!
I agree with Dot - the butterfly against the sky is gorgeous.
I have to ask - where is this brick road?
Follow the red brick road to....

A snack and mindless TV - second only to the blogosphere!!!

Your EG Tour Guide said...

I'm glad most of your latest photos have turned out this well. I've been reading about your problem at Tom's paint blog but couldn't offer any help. I still use a Canon point and shoot.

I'm thinking seriously about a Rebel though. So I was disturbed that your Rebel was giving you problems.

Deborah Godin said...

Yes, I agree with Carletta, that's one brick road, even if not yellow, I'd love to follow! Looking forward to the mystery butterfly, too.