Sunday, August 24, 2008

No longer kittens, but still my babies

I tried to get some new photos of the cats the other day, but needless to say they did not cooperate. I do sort of like these....they were out having fun. The collage is from when they were young, followed by Bubbie who is my daughter's cat. He is all about having fun--he likes to play tag/chase through the house. We beat his bottom and take off running and he chase after us. We try to tag him when he sees us but he takes off like a streak of lightening. And so we go till one of us is breathless.

The next in photos is my baby, Cougar, jr. I do not know why, unless it is that he reminds me of my first Cougar but he just totally owns my heart. I am not even sure what it is about him that reminds me of Cougar unless it is the fact that he likes tomatoes, and the first time or two I fixed chili or vegetable soup, he came running. My original Cougar loved anything with tomato flavor.

In the next two comes little sister, PussPuss. She and Cougar are still best of buddies. They don't sleep together as much as they used to, but I think that might be due to it being summer. My husband is still probably her favorite person.

Unlike any other cats I have ever had, these come only when I call and they think it involves food! I still have trouble getting used to this part. My original Cougar came from anywhere when I called his name...he knew the meaning of 'no' and 'get down' to name a few. These cats all look at me as if to say, 'you can't be talking to me' if they even bother to look my way.


dot said...

What cute cat pictures! You did a good job on these.

Carletta said...

I like the one sitting in the tall grass and the one with the stick just under his nose.
Well done Rose!

Mary said...

What beautiful cats and such good photos of them. Mine always turn their heads or something right when I shoot :-) I've always loved tabby striped cats and yours are lovely.

Pat - Arkansas said...

Oh, Rose! I do love your kitties. I followed the suggestion you made in your comment on my CC#29. I've looked at all the photos following this one. You cats are just gorgeous! Is it Bubbie who has the beautiful white bib?

Thanks for sharing. Kitties sometimes make my day.