Monday, August 18, 2008

Nothing but a rant...

So, I go get my new computer today...and I get a wireless router. I cannot get the wireless router to work for love nor money. I tried and retried on my own....then called tech support and just wanted to pull his hair out as well as my own. I finally just hung up. Tomorrow if I stay home, I am calling and trying to get someone that understands me as well as me understanding them. And just start over.

For a while I could not even get back on here the normal way and was just getting ready to call my isp provider when I thought I would try it again and I was able to get on. I don't even necessarily think it is the router...this Dell computer has always been such a problem any time I wanted to do anything. And it was a higher end computer.

So wish me luck tomorrow!


Deborah Godin said...

Oh, I SO get where you are coming from! Few things in life are more frustrating than having computer issues and trying to get some decent tech support. Hope it works out for you well and soon.

Barb said...

ARGHHHHHHHHHH on the tech that you can't understand! That happens to me at the school, and it is so maddening when I am trying to correct errors on purchase orders! The other end doesn't understand me and I don't understand them -- you can only say *excuse me* so many times before you are frustrated to the max! Good luck on sorting all of that out!

Abe Lincoln said...

Well if you have the wireless router set up properly, plugged in and all, and you have a wireless card in your Dell computer, you should not have to do anything but turn the machine on. It should recognize the connection by itself.

I bought a lot of Dells over the years but lately we have been buying HP. I like them just as much. And they are really nice designs and they have all the do-dads and they are a lot cheaper.

I have two Dells, one iMac and two HPs in this room or office and the only ones getting used are the HPs.