Friday, January 16, 2009


It is time to pay the piper...only that sounds almost negative and I don't feel that way at all. I have been tagged at different times for different things and have yet to respond. As my husband is watching Battlestar Galactica and I am not a big fan of it, I decided now was a good time to work on this.

Back in December, Mary at Faith, Fabric, and Photos tagged me to do this meme:
List the Five Greatest Joys I find in nature. I have thought and thought at different times, and then proceeded to forget how I have wanted to word this. I feel like I am just saying in different words part of what Mary had to say, and that is one of the reasons I have been so slow to respond to this one. But here goes...1. I think anyone who knows me hardly at all knows that I love the changing skies....with all the varieties of clouds and the sunsets and sunrises. I never tire of trying to capture all the different views. I would say that I probably have as many pictures of the sky (sunsets, sunrises, clouds, rainbows) as I do anything else. Except maybe barns. And I would actually have to count to see.2. I love the colors of nature. I love the brilliant colors of the flowers and the foliage in the fall, the butterflies and the birds, again the brilliant colors that come and go in the sky, oh, just all of it.
3. I love the wings of nature...especially the butterflies and the birds. I always think God must have had a lot of fun making the winged creatures...I think He outdid himself when he made the birds and the butterflies.4. I LOVE the sounds of nature. Be it a thunderstorm in the spring, or even the howling wind in the winter, or the sound of a babbling stream--I enjoy them all. I have always loved storms, actually been afraid in only one that I remember. Other than that, I have always loved them. I always loved picking apples in the rain--there was just a kind of hush--a peacefulness that is hard to describe. And the other place I love to be when it rains, is in the barn! I guess it is the sound of the rain on the tin roof that I love...gee, how I love that sound! And I to hear a wren sing or the sound of a hawk calling or the geese honking from high above--they give me such joy. I always pause what I am doing just to listen and maybe try to spot them. There are just too many sounds to name them I just named a few of my favorite ones.

5. And for the 5th favorite thing, I love the seasons! I get tired of cold weather and I get tired of real hot weather, but I would not want to be where there was no variety. I like having a change to look forward to, and even though I think fall might have the edge in being my favorite, I am never real positive of that. I seem to have something that I love about each the way things wake up in the spring and begin to bloom, love the lazy days of summer when I can sit in the swing on my porch or go wading and fishing in the creeks, love the colors of fall and just the general feel of it...and I love winter in that it so makes me appreciate having a warm bed to sleep in. But I also love it when snow comes and makes the world look new in a different way.

I am not tagging anyone at this time to do this...Then Tricia over at Bluff Area Daily blog gave me this Butterfly Award...I want to publicly thank her. I really enjoy the awards--they give me joy to think someone thinks enough of me or my blog to give me one. I am trying to think of who I want to receive it....and I just can't decide. Some that I would like to give it to do not like to mess with awards....and others I have hit recently with another award so I don't want to make a pest of myself. Just know that if I have taken time to post multiple comments on your blog, that I really, really enjoy it.

And my brother Neal tagged me to go the fifth folder and pick the fifth photo and post and describe the picture. If he only knew how hard that was...fifth from what point. Since I had to reformat the old computer...that got things slightly out of order...then I had to move them all to this new one...and they are even more out of order. I tried going to the fifth folder both from the beginning forwards and forwards going back and with digital pictures, and neither of these folders had a fifth picture. So I went to the fifth folder, which contains some scans of photos, and some photos that have been re-sized.
The fifth one in this is this barn--it is the same barn that is my header photo just a different season. In this instance it is a cropped version that I had as my header photo at another time. I have several photos of this is a neighboring barn to our old home place. It is a place I remember from childhood on. We raised the tobacco that went with the place so I have worked in that barn. I also remember mom going up there to get dirt to go in the ground of some of her was old, old manure. I think she said from sheep....I wonder if either of my brothers ever remember sheep being raised up there. I am just sure that is what she said, but I don't ever remember anyone else mentioning that sheep had ever been a part of that place. At one time it belonged to our Grandpa.


Abraham Lincoln said...

I enjoyed reading this post.

dot said...

Interesting post and the barn shot is really nice. In fact all your pictures are but my favorites are always the barns.

Mary said...

I'm so glad you did this! Your reasons are so interesting and your love of nature definitely shines through! I could see you using all your senses as you described your nature love. I love the photos, too and that last barn photo and the story with it is great, too. I do love all your barns and skies!

Carletta said...

Your described your love of nature very well and I too loved how you used your five senses. I could just picture so many things that I like as well as I read yours.
I loved the sunset photo - beautiful. And, we both posted cardinals today.
Loved the barn pick and what looks like an old corn crib.
Great post Rose.
Neal tagged me too. I hope to do mine tomorrow.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hey Rose, You caught up, didn't you??? I too have a hard time keeping up with the awards and the tags. I enjoy it--but all we need is MORE time!!!! ha

I love your five things of nature. I've read others posts on this--and yours is one of the BEST.

Love the old barn too. Great picture for your 5th picture!!!!

How's your kitty??

Deborah Godin said...

Well, you always have great posts, but this one is just jam-packed with goodies. I enjoyed the joys of nature through your eyes, and the notes that went wlith your 5th barn shot! Thanks for making my stuck-indoors-nasy-blowing-outdoors morning more pleasant

George said...

Rose, this was a great post. I have to agree with all of the things you like about nature. And I enjoyed the picture of the barn that came up in response to Neal's tag.

Barb said...

Oh Rose this is just a great blog post, very sincere and full of info that we love about you! You deserve each of those awards and more...keep on blogging!

By the way so far I LOVE MY CAMERA, but it has so many special features that I need to work at mastering it...BUT I LOVE IT!! Have a great day!

Tricia said...

This is a very beautiful post! And you're very welcome for the award, you know I think a lot of your photography. This barn photo looks infrared! I love it!!! Absolutely Wonderful Post!!!

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Lovely post, Rose. And -- surprise, surprise -- I especially love your barn photo. ;-)

Leedra said...

Love the cardinal and the barn scene photos the best.

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