Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Raining and wet...

These are the pictures I went outside to take yesterday, and had planned to post them till Mama Squirrel made herself available for a photography session. It rained and rained yesterday....steadily all morn and then showers off and on all afternoon. I really do need to get a rain gage till I can see just how much it does rain.
As you can see by this picture my peony is about done...yes, you read that right. I only have one. I have come to the conclusion that I do like them planted just one here and there, rather than in rows as so often seen around here. This one is at the corner of my front porch and stands out so much more than if it was in a row of them.
The picture below is just a cropped version of the one above. I like the way it looks when enlarged. I used to have spring jacket almost this color and I loved it. I was in the local grocery store one time when wearing it, and looked up and there was another lady with one on just like it. Someone I did not know, but we looked at each and said, "OH, I just LOVE your jacket!"

I have never been a fan of white flowers...I do not know why. Then Sarah got me this, and it is just so pretty I can't help but love it. And seeing some of the photos others have of daisies had sure made me come to appreciate their simple beauty.
I probably won't go out and buy any white flowers--I tend to go for more colorful things. But I am growing to actually like them. But they will be sort of like I am by polka-dotted clothes....I actually love them on other people but cannot stand to wear them now. Though I do remember my mom making me dresses from dotted Swiss material--does that count?
Spent the day with Little Bright Eyes....at Sarah's house. She stayed home today and needed a little bit of help with Lorelei. Not that anything was wrong with Lorelei. Lorelei just smiled and smiled when we got there, and I sure was glad to hold that baby again. I had really missed her over the weekend.

It has been thundering and has started raining again. It did not rain in Terre Haute today, but we could tell by how wet things were that it had rained here during the day. And supposed to rain the next two days as well, unless the forecast has changed. I haven't taken time to check.

I will go ahead and post this, just in case the it starts storming so bad I have to unplug everything. But I am going to try to visit a few blogs before I have to shut down for good.


Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hi Rose, You all have really had the rain, haven't you????? That Peony is so pretty... Love that color---and I'll be I'd love your jacket that color.. Pretty!!!!

I am not much of a 'white' person either. The last color I would choose for a car would be WHITE. I hate it. BUT--I do like white roses. We have a couple of beautiful white roses in our collection. They are PRETTY.

I remember dotted swiss. I had some clothes made out of it also. I always thought it had a 'funny' smell!!!!

Have fun with bright eyes.

Anonymous said...

Pretty Pretty Pretty! I just love that color - I don't like polka dots either, so I know what you mean by that!
Give Lil Miss Bright Eyes a big hug for me, won't you!?
I'm amazed at the squirrel shots below - I just can't believe you're able to feed her by hand - and she even gets that close to the DOG to smell her feet? That's a brave squirrel! Well, I guess she knows her territory pretty well, indeed! But look at that face - so adorable!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot to thank you for the compliment on the look of my blog. Thank you muches & bunches! hehehe

don said...

The Peony is a great color. I can see why that jacket was well liked. The white flowers, while less spectacular, offer a chance to do some careful adjusting of tones to give them texture...as you have done in this shot. Nice post today.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Rose: A fun visit with the flowers and rain.

Lowell said...

These are just so excellent, Rose. I like their fragility, and the sharpness of your photos make them shimmer...

Superb job!

Deborah Godin said...

I love that white flower too - do you know what it is? It's so pretty with the ridges in the petals, almost looks sculpted.

Mary said...

Peonies do get rather messy as they get rained on and start to die. I always liked the red ones best, but as I get older, I like the white with just a tiny touch of color at the center when it looks its best. That is a pretty white flower, whatever it is.

George said...

We've had some rainy weather down here as well, but not as much as you've had. I like the color of that peony and the cropped photo you posted. I'm glad you had a good time with Lorelei.

EG CameraGirl said...

I once had a green dotted-Swiss dress, Rose. I remember it because I'm not fond of polka dots either...or of white flowers.

I confess that I do have some white flowres in my garden, however they are not my faves.

It's raining here today. It has been a very wet spring. Oh well!