Thursday, August 20, 2009

Look whats growing in my back yard!

I planted gourds, knowing that the vines would take up room, but not remembering how much room! My little garden spot looks like a jungle...and if all the gourds mature I am going to have enough to supply the whole neighborhood. I want some for birdhouses....and I just like to look at them.

Roger is gone to get a final tune-up on the hearing aids he recently got. After that, I think we will head to Terre Haute to pick up a new DVD player/recorder. It is a combo; it will play vhs tapes, also dub tapes to dvds, as well as record tv for me. I don't know if I am making a mistake or not...I think I am going with the brand that is the same as my old one. It was not that old, and for sure not used that much.

But I have looked for forums about problems with it and did not find any with major issues....there is one other that I am going to look at also.
I got this ready to publish this morn and got sidetracked and forgot to publish it. We picked up a new DVD/video combo and as I speak it is setting doing its thing. It is taking quite a while. We spent the entire afternoon at Sarah's...I am going tomorrow to pick Lorelei up and bring her here if nothing else changes.


Leedra said...

Hope the combo works for you. It sounds like you haven't had Lorelei as much as usual, and I am sure you miss that.

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Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hi Rose, Hope you enjoy your new VCR/DVD/DVR thingee!!!! Hope you can figure it all out...

Why is Sarah home all week??? Vacation? Sick??? Maybe I missed something last weekend when I was working on Family History. Is everyone okay? I know you have gone to their house quite a bit--so I am puzzled...

Congrats on the gourds. Can't wait to see if you get some birdhouses started with some of them... Keep us posted.


Caron said...

Isn't it exciting? About the gourds, I mean! I harvested my first leeks this evening and posted a photo.

abb said...

Growing a pumpkin and have NOTHING the size of your gourd. Think la pumpkin is a "not gonna be". POOH!

Small City Scenes said...

Oh, the gourd looks just right for a birdhouse. Lotsa vines, huh.
I read all the posts I missed and it is nice to be home alone for awhile--if only to sit and think.
Your Grandbaby sounds like so much fun. Well grandbabies are--we can see in the them the things we missed in our own because we were soooo busy then and can just relax now. MB

don said...

Fine gourd shot! I hope you new player does a good job for you. Sounds like a versatile and fun machine.

Anonymous said...

I suspect one of these will become a bird house.

I have the issue of "breast feeding" on my main blog today Pick a Peck of Pixels

Deborah Godin said...

I may be envious of your lovely gourd garden, but I'm glad it's not me picking out a new tech-gadget-whatever. It's always such a crap shoot, wondering if you're picking the right one, what the future will bring...good luck, my friend, and may the Force be with you!

Mary said...

Lucky you! We planted a vine for gourds, but I don't think we have any yet. Haven't checked since we got back from vacation. I'm hoping for more after the luck I had with the one that I used for a birdhouse this year.

Tom said...

Good look with your 'new' gadget.... I hope it works well and long and brings much joy.

If you get time nip over and meet Ammon Wrigley then read his poem The Homestead

When I was posting the pictures I was taken back to your Neals post about your old homestead.. I hope you enjoy this poem.

EG CameraGirl said...

Gourds DO take up a lot of space. I grew them one year. ;-) They make wonderful birdhouses.

Lowell said...

DVDs, VCRs, TVs ... heck, they all fall apart over time. Some sooner than others, and almost always it's cheaper to replace 'em than fix 'em.

Glad to hear your new one is humming along.

I told my neighbor about the stuff in your back yard and that I was thinking about planting some and he said, very loudly:

"You're out of your gourd!"

So, I guess growing gourds is up to you, Rose! ;-)

George said...

That is a beautiful gourd you're growing. It sounds as if you will have quite a few for birdhouses. Good luck with your new DVD/video tape machine.