Wednesday, November 18, 2009

One of the last flowers

I was trying to find something with sunshine that I had taken lately and not posted, but after a quick search I settled on this. Even though it isn't sunny, the blue is such a cheerful blue.

Roger is certainly feeling better...not sure if meds had anything at all to do with it at all. The dr's office did call today to put him on another antibiotic because of something they found. Roger had done been saying that he thought it might be some kind of bug. The girl he talked to did not know what was found, so guess we will find out either the next time he goes, if he doesn't call them back tomorrow. It has sure been a slow recovery...every day he has felt a bit better.

I am just sort of gun shy when it comes to meds after the other episode in 2005. For a while any time he got the least little bit sick I was afraid it was something to do with his liver. This was the first time I had that real scared feeling about that in a while.
The sun actually shone for a while this morn, but it was dark and cloudy by noon. This is at least the 3rd day of dreary weather....and it has really gotten to me. I don't think it would have bothered me so bad if Roger had not been sick for so long. I am definitely a person that needs sunshine and have always loved the feel of the sun upon my face.

I guess like a little bit of all kinds of weather...Ialways LOVED picking apples in the quiet of a long as it wasn't raining so hard that I couldn't see if I had to look up. And even cold can be exhilarating. It feels so wonderful to come in to a warm house when your nose is red from the cold! I love being out in the hushed quiet after a snow...I guess the key is not to have too much of any one of them.


Deborah Godin said...

Glad to hear things are turning around and he's feeling better! Loved your descriptions of weather - especially apple picking in the rain, sounds so pleasant. We had a some light rain here this morning, then a brief wink of sun, and now more rain is coming. Wish I had some apples to pick!

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hi Rose, Glad Roger is better. I doubt that the antibiotic will hurt him --and he does want to get WELL. It's hard to be sick especially when you don't know what is wrong. I'm so sorry.

I agree about weather... I love all kinds if weather including rain and cold. BUT--I like a nice balance of all of it... We've been quite dreary here this week also--but the sun is TRYING to come out some today.

Hugs and Prayers,

Carletta said...

Such good news that Roger is feeling better!
I can take the dreary days if there's a break in between of brightness to give me a little energy. I have no energy on dreary days.

A Colorful World said...

I sure hope your Roger gets well fast. I know it can be scary when you are worried about a loved one who is sick! The photograph of the blue flower is just stunning! If the background had been green it wouldn't have stood out nearly so much, and represented such simplistic beauty. I really love it.

Thanks so much for coming by my blog and taking a look at my new quilt blog. I agree that one always has lots of UFOs! :-) I would love to have a machine with a larger harp area, too. I'm dealing with a lot of smaller quilts now so it isn't such a bad problem, but it can be!

All my best!

George said...

I'm glad to hear that Roger is doing better. I hope he contines to improve. I love your blue flower.

Gayle said...

Is the blue flower a chicory? Looks like it, to me. Very happy to hear that Roger is better.
San Diego

Lowell said...

It is a very uplifting hue of blue, Rose. And really stands out against the gray-brown background. Excellent photograph.

So glad to hear that Roger is doing's hard, though. I'm very impatient and hate waiting and not knowing...

Best wishes!

Barb said...

Ahhhhh what a sweet blue flower, with it being November it is such an uplift to see the pretty blue against the gray of the day! I am glad that Roger is feeling better, I know first hand having *our* guys not feeling so good is tough to deal with! Have a great rest of the week!

Mary said...

A very cheery flower and I know you need some cheer! I was so thrilled when we got a bit of sun this afternoon, even though it came late in the day. Tomorrow is suppose to be a bit better. Glad Roger is doing better!

SquirrelQueen said...

Glad to hear Roger is feeling better, hope he continues to improve. Great photos, I love old barns and flowers.