Friday, January 8, 2010

How do they stand it???

These are both pictures from this winter...the top one is from the first real snow right after Christmas.
And the one below is from yesterday. Every time I see the animals out in this weather I wonder how they survive. At least the cows don't have to hunt for food...I can just imagine the hard time the wild animals have when the weather is so bad and everything is frozen solid.
The birds and the squirrels are eating me out of house and home. I would love to know of a way to discourage the starlings. They just seem to take over. The juncos and the sparrows get plenty that is dropped to the ground but the cardinals keep a bit more distance.

And I am assuming it is Mama Squirrel's last litter that comes with her. Two of them are definitely this years young...the other I am not so sure about but I think it is hers because it will come and get on the picnic table while I am putting food out for them; it knows my voice. It just isn't quite brave enough to take from my hand though I think it considers it.

We were getting flurries just a few minutes ago when I let Shelby out and in. I don't think more snow is in the forecast, but the forecast has been wrong before.


Mary said...

Isn't it awful? We don't even have that much snow, but it is so cold and blowing and the birds and squirrels are just frantic! I've almost gone through 40lbs of sunflower seeds that I just bought on Sunday! Poor things are starved and the seed gets covered up and blown around. Makes you glad to be a people!

Carletta said...

We have lots of snow. Tonight is the first night in a week it isn't snowing.
I so feel for the deer that come around. There is hardly anything for them to eat.
Luckily my bird feeder has only attracted 'good' birds so far.

George said...

That is quite a storm in your second picture. We have lots of starlings this year as well.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Rose---you really mean that those forecasters have been wrong before????? ha ha ha ha ha

Glad you got some pretty snow---but like you, I do worry about the critters and birdies out there in the cold. My birds are eating me out of house and home also.

I have a little problem with Starlings also--but not too much (yet). The squirrels drive me crazy though... BUT---they ALL have to eat!!!!


Max-e said...

Brrrrrrrrrr. I get cold just looking at these photos. It is amazing how tough the animals are, but still they must get incredibly cold.
One way you can keep the starlings away is to have a feeder with bars, that only the smaller birds can enter.

DeniseinVA said...

I've just bought two more bags of birdfeed and another big bag of peanuts. I feel sorry for the poor animals.

Judy @ daily yarns said...

I always wonder how they stay warm too, but I guess they get a good heavy coat on for the winter. I love the top picture. The one on the right is just staring.
The bottom one makes me glad I'm inside right now.

don said...

Yesterday's snow looks very wintery! As I write this I'm throwing out peanuts to the squirrels who come and beg at my window. They eat a few and bury the rest! I wonder if they are ever able to find those buried peanuts! :-)

Anonymous said...

My mom & I was out on my back porch yesterday & saw 2 kitties running across the road & we both said Awwww at the same time - I feel soooo sorry for animals out in the cold frigid weather - I had to go back inside cuz I already have 3 kitties inside, I CAN'T take in anymore!

Lowell said...

Boy, those are a couple of poignant photos...and I know the animals get very cold. Look at them huddling together!

Glad to know that you're trying to feed some of the wild critters in your yard. I've found that most of the time the squirrels get the food before the birds get a chance.

Gerald (SK14) said...

all across america and europe at the moment - it is just above freezing here and I'm watching the icicles drip.

Caron said...

I worry, too.