Sunday, February 14, 2010

Look what we saw today

Click to enlarge for a better view.
We went for a drive today...and were almost started home. We were coming to this one side road and I told Roger the next time we were near, I wanted to see where it went. When he asked if I wanted to go today, I could not resist. We were not even a mile from the main road till he spotted this fellow!

I had mixed emotions...I couldn't believe my eyes even though I had seen one adult and one juvenile not too far from this location a couple or three years ago. This is the first one we/I have seen in that area since then. Someone told us they had a nest somewhere close there but they didn't know just where.

I cannot believe they are actually there! In my childhood, I could only dream of seeing one. I don't know when they came to Indiana. One of the local power plants has an eagle viewing weekend every year, and I have yet to attend it. We have seen an eagle or two up in that area also.
I wanted to get Lorelei a drum for her birthday...but could not find one that sounded good...except these bongos. Well, there was one that didn't sound bad that was for kids, but it had this lip of metal that I could just see her falling on, and it would really have hurt...maybe causing a cut if she fell hard enough.

So we seen these, no sharp edges, they make good we got them. Here is the result (be sure to have your sound on:)


EG CameraGirl said...

Lorelei is a natural for playing the drums!

WoW! An eagle! You really know how to make me feel jealous, Rose. ;-)

don said...

That is a fine eagle shot. All I ever see are from several hundred feet away. As for the video...that made my day! Great sound and she does such a bang up job of it!

Janet said...

What a great "gift" for Valentine's! Great photo.

Small City Scenes said...

Beautigul shot of the Eagle. I am glad you finally saw one and got a picture of him/her.

Looks like birthday Girl is a natural. MB

Judy @ daily yarns said...

Cute video!
Awesome shot Rose!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful shot, Rose! When I was little I remember seeing some here, but then none for years & years, then mom & dad saw one at the farm last summer! I'D LOVE TO CAPTURE A PHOTO OF ONE!
Lorelei is banging out the next #1 hit on those drums! heheheee

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

WOW! Lucky you!!! Cool photo. Love the eagle--and the baby! :-D

Lowell said...

First of all that eagle shot is superb! I've get to get a good one of this beautiful creature! I think you experienced what they call serendipity.

Secondly, you mean you actually bought drums for your granddaughter? Yikes! You have ear plugs, I assume! ;-)

Lowell said...

I also meant to say that your hubby sounds like a very nice man. It's a wonderful thing when your spouse supports your photographic efforts! Kudos to Roger!

Caron said...

He's a beauty and she's a natural.

Lindy said...

Looks like Lorelei is a natural with those bongos. She even put her hands in the air when finished! =D

Fantastic shot of the eagle, Rose! Which part of the state was this? We have a pair nesting at a gravel pit lake, not too far from our home. They had two offspring last year.

See this link,
for info about when and how the eagles were re-introduced to Indiana. Here is a link to next year's eagle watch weekend at Bloomington.

There is an annual eagle viewing weekend at Duke Energy's Cayuga Station, too, but the program in Bloomington is far superior.

Good luck - hope you get to see this fine specimen again - and perhaps find the nest and its mate!

Carletta said...

I am SO jealous of this shot!
It is the one subject I'd love to be able to capture with my lens.
Love Lorelei's hands held in the air when she's done. :)

George said...

It looks and sounds as if Lorelei may have a musical future.

Mary said...

What a great eagle shot! The ones that I see are always so far away. This is great. Hope it stays nearby and you can watch it this spring. Which power plant has the eagle event?