Monday, February 22, 2010

A road not taken

This is not the road we followed today, however I thought I would show it to you. I like the gentle curve and the feeling of expectation of wondering what is to come...

What we did do was run...almost all day long. I had a couple things due at the library in Terre Haute so we headed that way this morn, but first went by the bookstore. I picked up a couple books for Lorelei, then on to the library. Even though I didn't need to get anything, I still found 3 or 4 books I could not resist checking out.

From there we went and seen Ms. Hollywood....she was sitting in her mom's lap when we got there, but she got up to look at her new book. Sarah said she had been laying in bed one morning saying 'cat' or 'kitty cat' over and over. She did take a nap while we were there...then got up and played in her big box and with her phone. Her box is just a cardboard box and she really likes it....I can remember our girls sometimes liking the box something came in more than they did the toy.

She would take her phone over to her mom or to her Papaw and have them talk on it, then they would give it back to her and tell her someone wanted to talk to her. She would hold it to her ear, and pretend to talk. It was so funny and cute. Just so you know, her mom liked to talk to her grandma when she was about 2 years Lorelei promises to be a chip off the old block.

Other than that, I have been settled in watching the Olympics...tonight has probably been my favorite night except for the snowboarding. The free skate in the dance is just finishing up, with more to come of the freestyle skiing qualifications later on. So, I think I will publish this and settle down to watch the rest.


Carletta said...

Looks like my world Rose - love the road!
Lily loved little play phones too. Still does.
I looked for the ice dancing tonight and somehow missed it. I guess I'll go online and see if I can find a video.

Judy said...

I love that picture...There's something about taking a shot of the road before you. I do it all the time. I love Lorelei in that picture below that is just awesome. She looks so cute.
Beautiful quilt! I love it.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Beautiful scene! :-D

Did you get more snow like we did?

My kids used to like to pretend talk on the phone, too.

The grandchildren though, rarely do that.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Rose: Neat look at the back country road through the farmland.

Small City Scenes said...

Sweet road. Now you have to see where it goes. It might be magical.

About the Eagle nest: That one is about 5 minutes from my house. There are 5 nests I know around here. We get a lot of winter visiting Eagles but they will soon be on their way back to the far north to breed and raise there young. But we have many resident Eagles here too. I never tire of seeing them. MB

Anonymous said...

I haven't been watching the Olympics, but I'm gonna have to check in & see what's going on!

Lowell said...

It's so nice when kids can have fun on their own without gazillion dollar toys!

Love the picture and the way you composed it - the road just leads the eyes off into the unknown...makes me want to get in the car and see where it takes me!

EG CameraGirl said...

This looks a lot like Ontario right now, Rose! Hopefully spring will be here soon.

don said...

The road looks like one with lots of promise....of pictures. Lorelei's use of a box sounds so familiar. It's a winner when the box becomes that popular!

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Beautiful picture, Rose.... Sometimes I like to just get out on a road and just drive---not knowing where we are going.

We are having a wonderful time in Arkansas and have taken a ton of pictures!!!!!

Did you cry when watching the little Canadian girl skate tonight (the one whose Mom just died)??? i DID!!!!