Friday, March 26, 2010

I needed this...Laughing at Otto

Today has been one of those really has been a good day when all is said and done. It was bright and sunny, not a cloud in the sky. I got my hair cut this morn...I would say first thing, but it was 10:30 so it was not the very first thing...but it was the first thing I left the house for. After that, we headed to Terre Haute and got a couple errands done...nothing urgent but just things I wanted to get done.

But the day did not have the greatest of starts...I had been up a little while and decided to get on line...checked my mail, and tried to publish a couple comments to this blog. I could not access my blog, I could not access any blog done with blogger. I was using Firefox so switched to Internet luck. I switched to the other computer, again trying both luck there either.

By then it was time to head to get my hair cut...and soon as I got back we left. I was thinking it was something with Blogger since I had no trouble with any other sites. I figured by the time we got home, it would be working. WRONG!

I got to investigating a little farther...I could not use the google search engine...I could not access any site to do with blogger...but if I changed to another search engine I could at least get results, but if it was a site to do with blogger, I could not access it.

I tried turned off the computers and luck, I unplugged and plugged everything back in...the first time I did this, I lost all Internet connection. So I unplugged everything again and actually just let it set a few minutes and plugged everything back in...SUCCESS at last. I have visited most my normal blogs, and I even used the google search engine with success, but just tried to use it again, and I got that famous message that the connection to the server was I am posting while the posting is good. But wait a minute, I tried it again, and it worked that time...I swear these computers have a mind of their own.

But you can imagine how I enjoyed this little video after the puzzle of trying to get things to running again.


Rose said...

Notice that cute butterfly in her hair!

George said...

I'm sorry you had so much trouble with your computers -- they can be maddening at times. At least you have that little cutie to brighten your day.

don said...

The video was so much fun to watch...and hear. Sorry about your internet connection problem. Occasionally I have a similar disconnect that requires walking through the settings until it takes off again. I hope it all okay by the time you see this.

Barb said...

Oh sweet video!! And sorry about the gotta love them or hate them, but we do enjoy them -- when they work!! Have a good weekend, you are deserving of it!

Betsy Banks Adams said...

I am sorry you had trouble with Blogger/computer today... That is so frustrating. Wonder what it was???? Hope it will be okay for you tomorrow.

Love the video... That little pumpkin is so cute... I love her belly laugh!!!!

Have a wonderful Palm Sunday.

EG CameraGirl said...

Yes, computers DO have minds of their own. No doubt about that. I hope your problem is GONE today!

Tom said...

Great giggle from Lorelei.. no wonder this cheered you up.

I have had some trouble in the past like this.. why I do not know and it sorted itself out... give your computers a good clean with a virus checker and spam cleaner. Try defraging your drives at least once a month. If you feel confident enough undo the back of the PC... and clean it out.. have a hoover going to suck dust from the fans, a small soft bristled paint brush can be used to disturb any dust or a straw... it is surprising how much dust get sucked in there... it's worth doing once in a while.

Anonymous said...

Cute video; Lorelei enjoyed watching the dog running and barking. I love her laugh. I'm sorry you had so much trouble with the computer / Internet. Hopefully whatever the problem was it has now been resolved.