Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thoughts and questions

When I see roadside stands, I automatically want to stop. We were not headed home when we passed this one in southern Indiana, so we did not stop. We didn't return the same route, so had no chance to stop on the way back home. (This is a drive by shot, and it is poor quality--but I was grasping at straws to have a photo to post.)

There is a 'Y' in the road we pass on our way to our local Walmart that people often stop at and sell stuff direct from their truck. We get some really good corn and cantaloupes from various people at the 'y' as we call it. I think whoever gets there first claims the space.
We went to Indianapolis with Sarah and the toot yesterday to look at houses. Sarah did see a couple that she liked....Lorelei had a really good time till the last little bit. She almost fell asleep the first few minutes in the car after the last house, then she woke up. She cried a little bit, then she was just happy....talked and jabbered. Then started her 'yelling', where she goes ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh for as long as she can. Loud. Over and over.

Sarah kept telling me she was about to fall asleep, and that is what she did....she was doing that and just stopped.....Roger said it was like turning off a light switch. She woke up right before home, and was just so happy to be in her own environment...
Now, to the questions. It is about how you handle comments and followers. I always try to visit whoever leaves a comment...I know I miss a few every now and then when I have joined a meme, but I even try to do return visits for them.

I have blocked a follower or two just because I felt like their sights were just spam sights...I guess that is what you would call them. Just trying to sell stuff with nothing else.

My question is, do you block some followers just cause you don't want to be associated with their type of blog? And do you block comments from places like that, even though the comment doesn't contain any links other than the name. I have wanted to ask these questions for a long time. I got a comment on my other blog....just a generic comment. I checked the commenter out...there were 3 blogs I think, and one of them the first thing I read was a poem with inappropriate language in I am going to delete that comment in a few minutes...the other blogs seemed more about selling can't imagine him coming back to my blog.


don said...

You raise an interesting question and one all bloggers have to deal with at some point. When I go to respond to a comment the next day, if the site is commercial I will delete their comment and not comment on their site. Then, I remember those and make a point of deleting them as quickly after they have posted a comment as I can on the same day. They usually don't return, so I don't block URLs. There are some in a gray area that are hard to decide: a business, but basically blogging to enjoy picture...then I don't delete. This sounds confusing...sorry to go on so long. :-)

Lowell said...

Well, it's a very nice shot for a drive-by! We stopped at a roadside stand the other day...turns out they bought their fruit & veggies from elsewhere (we thought they had grown their own)...nevertheless it was quite good - much better than we can get at the supermarket.

Re your question: I automatically delete any comment from someone who is pitching a website or selling a product.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hi Rose, I love to buy produce from one of those 'drive-bys'.... They usually have fresh things --and the price is right.

Have you all met up with Neal --when you go to Indy... I know that he's not far from there.

The only spam I have been getting is that Chinese stuff... I just delete it as soon as I get it. I do not respond to anyone who is selling something.. Thank Goodness--I have gotten so little of that crap. BUT--I've seen it on other blogs... My advice: just DELETE.


EG CameraGirl said...

I enjoy shopping at roadside stands. There used to be a lot more around here than there are now but I'm afraid the city is trying to swallow us up.

There are a few farmers close by who sell their produce at the side of the road and I like to support their efforts.

To answer your question, I delete comments from people who just trying to sell stuff.

Small City Scenes said...

Hi Rose, if you want to try carving with your chain saw I say go for it---NOW!!! I have a small chain saw but never though about carving. I bet you could go online and find articles about the 'how to' part.

I like to comment to whomever leaves me a comment EXCEPT--spammers or if it looks iffy I may peek at the blogger but may not comment and then just delete. And if I see that person or spammer again I will just delete without opening it up and soon I won't hear from that one again.


Carletta said...

We passed our local little stand this evening and they had a big sign that said Georgia peaches. Those peaches traveled a long way.

1st question - followers - to me that means someone who literally follows my blog. I started blocking many of them in the beginning when it seemed to be the rage because of selling, ads, etc -not true blogging friends. I don't even check that anymore.
I do answer every comment I get and if when I'm returning that comment it is for a blog that is selling something, way too inappropriate, etc. I don't comment and delete theirs from mine.

Barb said...

Our local Amish have fresh produce along the road, mostly in their yards in a little building. I like getting the tomatoes and lopes, peaches have not arrived here yet. Funny is when the little children come to help with the produce and they only speak PA Dutch and can't see over the counter...they are adorable! Oh yes the commenters that are promoting items or inappropriate remarks...I don't really have much problem with that *yet*, but have had to hit the delete a few times... fortunately just a few! Have a great weekend Rose, that little Lorelei is such a delight!

Gill - That British Woman said...

I moderate all my comments before they are published, so all the chinese stuff and all the spam stuff never see's the day of light on my blog!!

Gill in Canada

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Rose: I handle this a little different, I never blocked anyone. If an advertiser uses my blog to comment I just delete them. After a few times of being deleted they don't seem to come back. I have reported a few sites as inappropriate to Blogger.

George said...

I remember some of the delicious produce we got at roadside stands when we lived in Indiana. It was almost as good as that which comes out of your own garden. I haven't seen as many in this part of Tennessee.
I've never blocked a user from my sites, although I have deleted comments.

Mary said...

I like roadside stands, too and we have a farmer's market on an empty lot downtown in the summer on Fridays. I've gotten a few comments that seem to obviously come from people who want to sell something. I've even had emails from people asking me if they could link to my blog when their blogs were nothing but selling sites...I say no, if I answer at all. I've become leery of visiting strange blogs when someone has only visited me once, unless they leave a comment that shows that they actually read my blog and weren't just looking for visitors. I've never blocked anyone...never needed to. If I had someone like you discribed come by once, I might just ignore it. If they came back, I might look into blocking them. I have seldom deleted a comment even if I thought is was just someone trying to get me to come to their blog or sell something....I just don't respond. I try to answer comments that ask an email if I have their address. I try to visit any blogger who visits me at least once.