Friday, August 13, 2010

Logansport mural

I took this photo of the Iron Horse as we drove through Logansport, Indiana....I thought it was a fantastic mural. Then, I got home and saw this post by I still like my mural but there is just something about the one she shows that is just fantastic. I am not sure what it is, unless it is maybe a slight feeling of the train really coming through that brick wall and it feels sort of futuristic.
Today has been another day of killer heat here in the Midwest. I am telling you now that I don't even like to go outside in it. I picked okra yesterday and had to pick it again this evening. I cut it up, and fried one batch for supper, and threw meal and flour in the other and made sure it was coated real good, and froze another bag of it. That will be so good come winter time. I will fix soup beans, cornbread and fried okra....there is no finer meal to be had.

I have been sitting outside a little bit after the sun goes down, sometimes just by myself, sometimes when I am talking to Neal. Even though the heat is pressing in even then, there is that certain feel to the air till you know fall is approaching. There is all the singing of the insects...I am not sure what kind of insects they are, but we hear them every summer when fall is approaching.

I have also noticed leaves are beginning to drop from certain crab apple for one.
And I have even seen a few leaves that have dropped that are gold. And on our way north, and on our way home I noticed a two trees tipped with red! I cannot remember how far north we were though.

Even though our fall promises to be a busy one, I am so looking forward to it. Days that are crisp to begin with but warm up as the sun rises higher in the sky...with big puffy clouds on some of the days at least. You know the type...the ones that make you feel like you could just go on forever. At least that is they make me feel...but instead I wish I could just freeze some of the those moments in time. But since I can't, I at least look forward to capturing some in pixels.

Until then, I will keep plugging away and trying to enjoy the moments as they come.


Carletta said...

I like your train mural too Rose. I love the old wall it's posted on and it even looks like there are lights at night.
Ours are each unique in their own way.
My Hubs would love having okra with you. He orders some every time we go to Cracker Barrell. :)
I'm like you and looking forward to fall. Last night at three in the morning I was going out to check on the meteor shower and it was oppressive and fog was over the river so the sky was not to be seen.
The leaves here are the same. My Mom has one maple that has red leaves all over the ground.

Neal said...

Now you've gone and done it....made me hungry. :) That is a pretty mural. Carletta talked about okra from Cracker Barrel but it's not near as good as home made and I still order it a lot of times.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hi Rose, You are right... There's no finer meal than beans, cornbread and okra... YUM!!!! A blog friend in Colorado (who has a huge farm) grows pinto beans. She sent me some in the mail ---and I can't wait to fix them with some cornbread. BUT--it's been much too hot here right now... Can't wait til Fall...

I love your mural... I also loved the one that Carletta posted. It looked like a 3-D one. Amazing...

Hope you have a good weekend. Your brother Neal is such a nice guy--and a really good friend. I hope to meet BOTH of you soon.


don said...

I like your mural even if similar to the other post! Nice description of your evening. I've never had soup beans, cornbread and fried okra together... I'd like to give that a try.

Unknown said...

Great posting, Rose.

George said...

This is a wonderful mural. I've seen Carletta's and I like both of them.
We are 'enjoying' oppressive heat as well. I water the roses today, but that is about all I wanted to do outdoors. Even after the sun goes down it is still too hot to sit on the deck. Early morning is bearable, however.

EG CameraGirl said...

I too am looking forward to cooler days and was hoping that now we are past the official "dog days of summer" that my wish would be granted. Hmmm. Still hot!

Mary said...

I like both train murals! I'll have to point these out to another blogger I know that loves trains. I'm ready for fall, or at least cooler temps.

Caron said...

Soup beans sounds good. My mom used to make it when I was kid. No, I'm wrong. I think my dad made them. So good.

Those days you are talking about - I call them childhood days. They make me feel like I could just lean backwards and fall into or reach out and walk into my childhood.