Friday, September 24, 2010

The redneck gourmet & Decorating Otti!

On our way home from Brunswick, Georgia, we took a couple little scenic routes off the led us through Newman, Georgia. It was late, had been rainy so somewhat overcast so my photos are not the greatest, but I am going to show two or three of them over the next few days. This was one mural/name that really caught our eye.

I would have loved to have had time to stop there and stroll through the town...I saw so much stuff I would have loved to photograph.
I am slowly recovering from 1650 miles four days...the cats are glad we are home. Tomorrow the high is supposed to be 71ยบ, followed by several more days of cool weather. We can live with that.
Lorelei and Otto are sure turning into a pair. Sarah said yesterday evening Lorelei slid off the couch head first onto him, got up them, and sat on him and started bouncing on him, all the while he is trying to sleep through it. After that she got off him and laid down beside him and started pinching his skin and examining it real closely.

I don't remember if it was yesterday or another day, but Sarah was in one room and heard a commotion in another room. First their cat went running down the haul, next came Otto, and he was followed by Lorelei just giggling. And Sarah never did know what they had done.

I leave you with a little clip titled; be sure and have your sound on!
Decorating Otti


Max-e said...

I just love the laughter, it is so infectious.
Those long draves can be quite exhausting. On two occassions in the past I have driven from Port Elizabeth to Harare in one hop - just over 1,300 miles. Never again, even in my youth it was exhausting.

Judy said...

She laughs like our granddaughter who's about the same age. I just love their laugh :)
Dogs and Cats are a lot like kids I'd say...Too funny, I wonder what they did do?
I love taking scenic routes. You do always find the neatest things to photograph.

Lowell said...

I think the term "Redneck Gourmet" is one of the greatest oxymorons.

Some of these little towns are just delightful. We saw so many on our trip to Colorado, but just didn't have time to stop. We did 1800 miles in 3 days. Twice. Ugh!

George said...

Lorelei has a very infectious laughter. You can't help but grin from ear-to-ear when hearing her.
We've been to Brunswick, Georgia, but I don't remember being in Newman. I like that Redneck Gourmet sign you captured.

Mary said...

Glad to have you back home again! Look forward to any photos and hearing about the trip. Poor Otto....a very patient dog!

Anonymous said...

he just lets her do what she wants to him, that's so funny & she's just so darn cuuute!!!

EG CameraGirl said...

Otto is such a good sport! I'm so glad for Lorelei because obviously they are good pals.

Hmm. The Redneck Gourmet? I wonder if they specialize in fancy roadkill.

Gill - That British Woman said...

that laughter just makes you smile doesn't it?

What a great temperament that dog has. What breed is he?


Janet said...

I have friends in Newnan. If I ever make it back over to see them, maybe we can check this out!

Caron said...

That dog is so fabulous! I love when they're together.

Sandra said...

i giggled along with the giggles, to funny and so sweet