Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Treasured clutter

We went for a little drive today, passing this house during our travels. There is just so much on this porch and in the yard it is hard to see it all. I wondered to myself if it was all treasures, or if it was just stuff. I have not doubt that at least at one time it was all treasures, and may still be.

I also got to thinking about old houses down home...a lot of women had flowers on the front porch. Back when I was a child it was not uncommon to have a 'shelf' spanning the space between two support posts of the porch. The only ones I ever saw were just boards...no paint or stain of any sort. And potted plants and flowers were set on the board.

I have not seen a house like this in years and years. And this in turn led me to thinking about other things that have come and gone. Remember when plant stands similar to the one shown here was the thing to have. Almost everyone I knew, and granted I didn't know that many people, but I think every neighbor we had at one time had one of these.

Another thing that everyone seemed to buy during the early years of our marriage was the hall tree. Granted, people still buy them but not near as much.

Oh, and remember when ashtrays and ashtray stands were a common gift...no home was without ashtrays. Even if you did not smoke, you almost always had people coming that did. I still do have a couple of ashtrays, but my friends that do smoke usually smoke outside because they know smoke really bothers us.

Then there were all the gadgets for the kitchen...I cannot even remember all the different things that came out. I think there was one for making grilled cheese. Then there was this 'thing' to do hot dogs on. The hot dogs were more or less electrocuted. I know there were others, but I am having trouble remembering them. Those were the two things that were given to me...other than them I cannot remember any of the others. I just know at one time I thought it was possible to buy a gadget geared to every job.


EG CameraGirl said...

I enjoyed this post, Rose. I guess we have been around long enough to see a few things come and go, which just goes to show that so much of what we have we really do not need.

That front yard really is loaded with "treasures." I enlarged the photo and was even more amazed. :)

Mary said...

You always have such interesting memories and then get me to thinking about stuff...good writing! This house looks like a "lived in" place....where function and practicallity are more important than looks. I tend to be that way. I like to leave stuff where I use it and not hide it away to please other people that I don't even know. I would probably have a hall tree if I had a place for one. We had a cheap one in the basement for awhile by the door leading outside. I have a beautiful ashtray stand....we called it a smoking stand....that my father turned out of wood. He loved making them and everyone in the family ended up with one. I have used it as a plant stand and now use it as a small table by a couch to set a drink on. Will send you a photo of it.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about places like in your pic - I just call it junk, but one man's junk is another's treasure! I don't like clutter like that though!

I remember my grandmother having a hall tree though.

don said...

A fine nostalgic post! The crowded porch and front yard can be seen around here occasionally. Others are simply a yard and backyard full of old cars, and mostly junk. It still must have value, or people don't want to pay to dispose of it.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Time--it is a-changin', Rose!!!! BUT--we have some 'trashy' houses here in Cumberland County... Most anytime we are riding in the country, there are houses --which are full of JUNK in and around their yards (old frig's, junk cars, etc. etc. etc.)... I cannot imagine how people can live in places like that...

Being cluttered with flowers and things like that is OKAY... BUT--having junk around is NOT...

I do remember those coat trees and I remember ash trays... These days, I cannot stand being around someone who is or has smoked... It's for sure that they aren't welcome in our home!!!! Glad that Tennessee's restaurants are now NON-SMOKING... Yeah!!!!

Hope you have a great week.

George said...

Thanks for the memories. It's been years since I've seen an ashtray in a home (a good thing) and now all Tennessee restaurants are non-smoking, which is also nice.
My parents never had a hall tree, but I do remember all the kitchen gadgets.