Saturday, November 27, 2010

Every picture tells a story....

For the first time in a long while, Roger and I went on a rambling drive today...I kind knew where I wanted to start out at, and in fact most of the time gone was on roads we have been on before...with a few new ones thrown in.

However these below, and the ones I am going to show on Time Stand Still are probably not ten miles from home, and certain not longer than a 10-15 minute drive...if even that. Be sure and check out the photos there....
You need to click on these to see them...specially the one above. There had been this little kestrel on the power line and every time I got near enough to even think about taking a photo, it would fly. Usually just past the next pole, but it skipped one and went on...I wondered why. Then gave a second look and there was this big hawk sitting on top of the light took off before we could stop.

In just a second here came the kestrel and looks like it was trying to knock the hawk right out of the sky! Just click the above is a tad bit blurry but there was no time to focus. I can't help but wonder if what the hawk thought, or if he had a head ache.
They proceeded to fly on; it was as if the kestrel was escorting the hawk away from its hunting territory....
In the end the hawk was fine and no worse for wear...


  1. I bet he did have a headache tho...I love it when little birds chase the hawks away. They can get pretty aggressive for small birds.

  2. An amazing sequence of action shots. What a neat thing to witness and shoot.

  3. Amazing shots, Rose. You must have a large lens on that camera. It seems by the time I find the birds in the sky they are gone again.
    Kestrals do the same flying pattern for me too. I just get close enough and off it goes to the next spot and on down the road we go.
    All very nice pics. MB

  4. You know I think that's exactly what the kestrel was doing...I've seen other birds do the same thing in our back yard...

  5. WOW! Those are the kinds of photos I'm always trying to get of hawks! And I have never seen a least I don't think I have.

  6. really captured a great drama here! Great shots for something that I'm sure happened so fast you were barely able to get ready. Cool!

  7. This is a great photo sequence. I'm surprised that the little Kestrel chased the hawk away.

  8. what an incredible capture. i'm sure that hawk didn't know what to think. but a headache was sure to be in his day. i just love riding around on old roads like that. you never know what you'll run into. hope all is well. have a great day.


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