Friday, December 3, 2010

The boys....

I have been wanting to post pictures of the cats for a while now, but the only time they will be still is when they are sleeping. I went ahead and took a few of the boys today.
First we have Bubbie...the above picture is just typical of him. He sleeps like this at least half the time. And below he is helping Roger surf the net, taken a couple days ago.
Can you tell that he loves us? He should...remember when he broke his leg....way back here. I think he has been grateful ever since. Before his leg was broken, he was Roger and Rachel's cat....did not have the time of day for me. Unless I was feeding him..just didn't care if I gave him any type of petting or anything.
After he went through his leg being broken, he comes at least once a day for me to pet him...can be very insistent on it. And he still doesn't mind Lorelei...remember this. That seems like a lifetime ago. Just look how small Lorelei was in that post.
And this is my boy! Like his namesake, I am Cougar's favorite person. He likes everyone but I am the one he loves best!
I cannot put the skirt under the tree...any time I think about it, a cat is sleeping under it. And I don't like to disturb them. I will forever think that a cat laying sleeping in a house or store adds so much to the atmosphere.
As I type this, we are getting snow!!!! I told Roger the other night that winter is officially here. We happened to go to bed about the same time and here came Puss Puss wanting under the cover with us. And she still insists on being between us. Roger let her under the cover on the outside edge but she just goes under and then proceeds to climb over him and snuggles down between us.

Bubbie, on the other hand does not want between us and generally does not want under the cover. He likes for one of us to scoot back from the edge of the bed and then he will snuggle in to our stomach and sleep.

Cougar comes and will come up and if my hands are under the cover, he will reach under with his paws to find my hand. He only wants to be petted a little bit and will either sleep curled up at the foot of the bed or get down completely.

And Mama Cat now comes and gets in bed occasionally to be petted and even sometimes to sleep with us. She now comes and gets in my lap and sits and sits. And she still is good with Lorelei also...if you knew her life before she came to live with us, you would understand that her attitude is basically a miracle. I have yet to see her get mad at Lorelei.
That is it for now...I am hoping we get enough snow for it to make the world new. It is just beautiful to look out towards the streetlights now.


Betsy Banks Adams said...

Oh Rose, I love all of your kitties.... And I can tell that they all love you and Roger...

Snow, huh???? Hope you get some good pictures tomorrow. We may get some sometime this weekend--but we are a little far west of where most of it is going... Who knows though???? Hope we do get some.

Mary said...

Cats are so entertaining and they know which people they like best. My cats have always loved sleeping under the Christmas tree, too! I got just the tree skirt out the other day and Ozma was curled up on it within an hour! Once the tree is up she is the one who likes it best. Hopey is the one who "tucks us in" when we go to bed. Stays for a little while and then goes away. Ozma will come to the bed when it is really cold and you can't get her to move. Mouse probably can't get up on the bed with her arthritic hips, but has a heated bed of her own. She likes Mike best. Hopey likes me. Ozma likes anyone with an empty lap!

Judy said...

Pretty kitties. We are getting snow right now and I'm loving it...Ask me in February if I still like it tho ;)

Anonymous said...

What pretty kitties, Rose! I was looking out at the street light, too, last night. We have a light right at the end of our driveway. I can see it while sitting in the living room. The snow falling in front of the street light was very beautiful.

Naquillity said...

you have beautiful boys. they look so sweet all stretched out in these pictures. we're getting flurries today. i'm hoping for a BIG snow so i can post some pics later. we'll see how it goes. have a great day.

Lowell said...

A very nice post, Rose. Love your descriptions of your cats and their particular foibles - needs and desires. Pets seem to make life much more livable!

Snow is nice when it first arrives, but not so nice after it melts and turns to slush.

I think I'd better stay right here in Florida. No snow and usually warm!

George said...

This is a neat post about your cats. It's interesting that each of them has such a distinct personality.
I hope you're enjoying your snow. Betsy hopes we get some this weekend, but it doesn't look too good at the moment.

Caron said...

I just bought a tree skirt today and thought as I picked it out that it was going to be another warm spot to sleep. They love being under the tree anyway! I love how each cat has it's own way with people. You sure are lucky to have them and they, you.

don said...

A great cat series with very interesting story line to boot! Cats are so interesting and different. Their loyalty or lack of it is the charming thing about them.