Monday, January 31, 2011

How about a little sparkle....

It started before dark...has slowed down for the time being...
but I thought I would show you how things are beginning to look.
These are taken from my front porch....I would recommend to click and enlarge the photos to really get a better look.
As you can see, everything is coated with ice. The police are asking people to stay home unless they absolutely have to be out.

Our lights were dimming earlier...then we heard a boom after a bit. I didn't think anything more, but happened to look out and notice our streetlight is out. Then I decided to step out and see what kind of picture I could get...that is when I notice the other side of our street has no electricity. They are on a different something or other than this side of the, I am hoping we escape without losing ours.

While out just those few minutes, I heard limbs breaking in the trees south of us. I don't think they were huge limbs, but too dark to see for sure.
One year when the girls were young...not sure how old. I don't know if either one was in high school or not. But we got an ice storm...even the yard itself was treacherous to walk on. There was inches of snow under the ice, but the ice was so strong, even us adults could walk on it without breaking through. That is if we could stand up.

The girls and one of their friends took off to the trails, a little bitty section of woods over across the railroad tracks. It has some steep banks...I don't think they would classify as hills. They came home, cold and red faced..and had about wore the seats of their pants wore out from sitting on their bottoms and sliding down those banks or hills or whatever you want to call them. I have not seen it that slick in a long time and wonder if this is going to be another time a sled is not needed.
I forgot to tell that while at Sarah's yesterday, I was playing with her Legos with her. Well, the set she has has a mommy and a daddy and grandma and grandpa...I left the room for something and Roger said she had the mommy and daddy kissing. So when I told Sarah this evening, I thought it would be something new. But no, she told me she also has her animals kissing each other.

And Sarah texted me today and said she was trying to watch a movie, but could not hear a word of it because of Lorelei singing and chattering so loud. I told her she needed to get a recording...but I didn't tell her I wanted it to share with everyone.

Well, that is about all from my corner of the world. I guess I will have to stay home tomorrow, even if it is beautiful.


marlene@ByTheSeam said...

Rose, first off I love your photo at the head of your blog. Very nice. The other photos are great too. Your ice will soon be covered with snow. We are getting it now and the lights are blinking too. I will be back to look your blog over some more and thanks for coming to mine.

Judy said...

I love the photos. We are having some bad weather here too. Unfortunately I have to head into work this morning. The radio announcer said we have a lot of drifting snow here. I just hope I don't get stuck somewhere.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Oh Rose, I hope you don't lose your electricity --muchless all of your big trees... Ice can be so damaging and scary... Please keep us posted...

We are fine here ---not even any rain YET.

Your Granddaughter is going to be a singer. Maybe she'll be on American Idol someday. ha

George said...

Ice on trees looks beautiful when the trees are not in our neighborhood. You got some great pictures, but be careful. I hope you don't have to go out and that you don't lose your electricity.

Mary said...

HOpe you don't lose your power. Stay warm! Lorelei is so cute in whatever she does. It's good that she has Mommy and Daddy kissing...shows she is in a happy home.

EG CameraGirl said...

I think this storm hit you a lot worse than its hitting here. Well, it's not over yet, but it does appear to be moving on!

Caron said...

I think burying the lines is one of the best ideas ever. Ours are buried and we only lose power if a transformer blows! Sliding down the hills sounds like fun, too.