Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Red barn in white

This is another drive-by shot....on the way to Sarah's. I wanted to post something but don't feel like dragging out the camera right now for what I want to post about so will put this photo up.
What I would like to know is this: does everyone go to Walmart, or wherever you go, with the intentions of getting just a few things and almost always end up with a cart piled high? I just got home a few minutes ago....I got a new dish drainer. I have a dishwasher and had went to the small dish drainer. Lately, I have been washing dishes more than using the dishwasher, and find I need the bigger drainer.

I about fainted when I saw the price....the drainer was $12.47, which would put it over $13 with taxes. The tray it sits on was $7.97.....and get this, I don't like doing dishes. I don't let them set and set....I cannot bare to go in to cook with a big pile of dirty dishes sitting. So mine are always done up at least once a day, and most times two...occasionally three.

I feel like I have been doing dishes all my life. I am sure I am not the only woman that feels like that....and I don't just hate the job itself. It is the fact that I no more than get them done, till someone messes up some. It feels like I make no headway. I really would hate to see all the dishes I have done put in a pile....it would be a mountain I am sure.

As for how long I have been doing them, I think I started around 4th grade...not sure...could have been a little earlier or a little later. I always did the supper dishes...and helped with either the breakfast or dinner dishes. You would think I could not forget which other one I helped with, but for the life of me I don't remember.

She did teach me to do them and get them over with...every now and then I would try to put them off, and she would tell me I could, but that I would have to get up early the next morn and wash them. She would let me leave a cast iron pan every now and then....which she usually did that night. She was not one to leave a bunch of dirty dishes either.

I can so clearly remember one time, my brothers and I were out playing ball after supper. Mom came to the back door and yelled and told me it was time to do the dishes....so, I went in uncomplaining...it did no good with mom so we basically didn't do too much. Anyway, when I got in, she had them already washed them for me...what she really wanted was to give me some ice cream. There had been just a little bit left, so she gave it to me.

I remember that so clearly....

See, ice cream was a BIG treat in our world....it was something we probably did not have once a month...not even sure if we averaged having it once every two months. And we almost always got butter pecan! You would think I would be tired of it by now, but about half the time I get ice cream now, I will still get butter pecan.

Have you ever had a float made with butter pecan ice cream and Pepsi? In my own opinion, no other float can compare....though now I usually use Coke. Everyone says they don't want to deal with the nuts, but they usually go to the bottom and you use a spoon and eat them last.
Oh, the tests came back negative on Lorelei....and she IS feeling better and the temperature has been down the past two days. I am so relieved that she is feeling better. And her mommy is feeling good. So things are definitely looking up.

Now if I could just have a day or two of sunshine and bright blue skies...I might feel like doing something.


George said...

Thanks for sharing your memories of doing dishes, starting with your childhood.
I'm glad to hear Lorelei and Sarah are doing well. I liked your drive-by barn photo.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

What a sweet story, Rose... If you had have complained, I'm sure your Mama would NOT have given you that bit of ice cream.... You were a good daughter!!!!

We seldom use our dishwasher. George cooks the entree --and I keep all of the pots and pans washed. I fix the salads and veggies --and then after a meal, I wash dishes and George dries them. We have a little system--and luckily, we do things together.

WHEN we have company for a meal, I do use my dishwasher....

Great picture of the red barn. I love to see red barns in winter with the snow in the background.


Lindy said...

Your barn image is beautiful - wouldn't it be nice if every day in Indiana winter was this pretty?

Everything you said about washing dishes is exactly how I feel. It seems there is no end to them! Oh my, I don't want to see that mountain of dishes in a pile. I'd probably faint!

When we were kids, my sister and I had to share the dishwashing duties after supper. If Mom had made baked potatoes, we would take the leftover potato skins (no one ate them back then) and lay them on the back sides of our hands and go show them to our dad and complain that we had "dishpan hands!" That usually got a few laughs but we still had to do the dishes!

Glad to hear Lorelei and Sarah are feeling better. =)

Anonymous said...

OH that's so pretty, Rose... lots of red & lots of that cold white stuff! heheheee

I have a dishwasher & I rarely wash the dishes myself... I just sit a towel down on the counter if I do occasionally wash a dish or two. =)

I remember washing dishes when I was a kid & when I'd finish, I'd sling my hands behind me to get the water off, then I'd grab a towel & dry them... my mom didn't like that much, getting water all over the floor... =(

My mom taught me to keep the dishes cleaned up, too, but of course, my mom's house is immaculate! Lord knows, I don't want roaches moving in on MY territory! heheheee!!! =)

don said...

That is a fine looking barn...and makes a good post. I liked reading your "dishes" account. I can vividly remember drying dishes...I'm not sure I ever got in on the washing of them. Today, I have a dishwasher, but I always wash the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. I must clean up the kitchen before I can enjoy the food I've just fixed! ;-) As to the ice cream... butter pecan is till my favorite although I don't indulge very often these days.

EG CameraGirl said...

My sister and I can tell you stories about doing dishes. We didn't dare complain. LOL Instead we often made a game of it, getting out the hand eggbeater and making frothy pretend sodas for each other. But I hated it when it was her turn to wash the dishes because the game of "pretend soda" went on far too long when she was in charge. I was often in the middle of a good book and wanted to get back to it.

Carletta said...

I didn't always have to wash dishes. I think my Mom enjoyed it to some degree. As I got older I enjoyed standing at the sink and being able to look out the double windows in front of me. I found it relaxing. Now - I hate doing dishes! I use the dishwasher and fill it to the rim!

Neal said...

That's a beautiful picture Rose. I don't really mind doing dishes as long as they're done quickly after a meal and you don't have to scrub a lot.

Mary said...

Your writing always triggers so many memories in my own mind. Now I'm thinking about all the times I have done dishes over the years. I hate doing them and like you always feel like I have just gotten the kitchen clean and the next thing I know the counter is full of dirty dishes again! I think they multiply in some mysterious way. I put the actual dishes in the dishwasher, but I do pots and pans, plastic stuff and awkward sized things by hand. That seems to be mainly what we dirty up as far as I can figure!