Sunday, October 21, 2012

More from Veedersburg fleamarket

I don't know why, but some wood planes make me think of women's high heeled shoes...just my own personal thoughts.  These photos are from the same guy's place as yesterday's photos.  He sure had a load of different stuff.  His name is Kenny, and I found an article about was published in 2008.
I forget how many auctions he said he goes to, but I do remember him saying there are some auctioneers who buy for him if he can't be there.  You could tell he just really enjoys doing this.  I think more a way to meet people than anything.
Not sure what I did with this picture...but it is dark for me.  I tried messing with it and couldn't do much good in the time that I had, so publishing it as is.

If you read the article listed above, be sure and note their slogan:

If we don't have it, it's not junk yet.

Another beautiful day here....we made a Wally World run this morn, and all afternoon I have been quilting on my little log cabin...the one in Reds and neutrals.  The top of the quilt does not look too bad, since the thread matches the background.  But, not sure I will be brave enough to show the bottom side when it is finished.


Gill - That British Woman said...

you do beautiful quilting so don't be shy in showing us the back as well!!


Judy said...

I can totally understand why they look like high heels to you. Jim has one similar to those that he uses. I've been going some quilting and knitting, trying to get some christmas gifts done.

Lois Evensen said...

Love that slogan!

Sandra said...

all of these were hanging in my dad's tool shed, i think my brother has them now.

Mary said...

Wonderful old junk. Love their slogan. Glad you hear you are getting the quilt done. I know what you mean about the top and bottom sides. I just finished a runner that is that is OK, but I'm embarrassed about the bottom and it is a gift for someone one....oh, well....we do our best! I'm sure you will be the only one that is critical about your quilting when it is done. We are always harder on ourselves than anyone else would be. We know where we mess up and they don't!

don said...

A fascinating series of interesting tools. I really like his slogan.

EG CameraGirl said...

Old tools are fascinating. Some men must have fabulous collections.