Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The dam at Mansfield, Indiana

The above photo was taken in May of 2010....the water is maybe up a bit, but now much.  Notice the wide expanse of water below the dam...then look below at the photo taken September 19 of this year.
What a difference in the amount of water coming over the dam.  The kids used to take their inner tubes and drag them up to just below the dam and then float down and come over the ledge of rocks.  They would not be doing that in the bottom photo.

We have had misting rain all day long...hopefully we will eventually get enough to get things back to normal.  We still have a long way to go.  Sometimes I wonder if we will ever catch up.  The creeks just seem to stay so shallow.

It has been a trying sort of day.  We went to Walmart this morn...I try not to go to Walmart on the first of the month, but was out of catfood.  The canned variety.  My cats had been living on dry catfood for two or three days and they thought they might starve if they had to go another day without a can of food.  So off we go.

Well, there was this one little old lady that probably thought I was a stalker...everywhere I went, there she was.  Right where I needed to go.  And she was a real lady if you know what I mean...just a gentle soul.  So some of the time I just went somewhere else, and others just waited till she moved...and I wondered how much longer would it be till I was that little old lady that wasn't aware of anything or anyone. 

So, we get checked out and are heading to the Rav4 when Roger remembers he meant to get oil to change the oil in it...so he unloads everything and heads back in to get the oil and filter.  I thought about telling him to be sure to get the right filter...but I thought he always checks and double checks.

We come home and unload and he takes the Rav to the garage and drains the oil and removes the old filter before looking at the new one.  He had picked up the wrong on...he comes to tell me he has to go exchange it. He leaves.  He comes back in a minute...the truck would not start.  Dead battery.  So he puts the charger on it and kills a bit of time.  Goes back out and it wouldn't start, but he ran the cables from the Rav to it and it started fine.

Goes for a drive before heading to get the filter.  He gets the filter and comes back out...the battery is dead.  He tells me to go next door to get a neighbor to come give him a jump...and I hate to...and think of my girlfriend...we hang up and I do head over to the neighbor but he is not home.  Another neighbor would have gone, but he has a condition with his eyes where he is not supposed to drive...so I end up calling my girlfriend for her to go.

Well, Roger makes it home..he had decided to just get a new battery...but Walmart didn't have one so it was a good thing my friend went...she took him to an auto parts store to buy one.

I know I am leaving out something...maybe even more than one, but this is enough to share at the moment anyway.  I am just glad the day is done and I can mess around a while.


Montanagirl said...

Our car had a dead battery the other day too. Not a pleasant feeling. Hubs bought a new one and installed it, so we're good to go now. Of course, we always have our pickup truck!

Sandra said...

well after all this, i dare not complain another moment about my laptop missing in action. this is an incredible story. glad it all worked out in the end.

Neal said...

That is what he gets for not checking to see what filter he was suppose to get. :) Seriously, when I changed my oil I always kept one on hand and when I used it I would buy another one to replace it right away so I didn't have to go to the book in the store to look it up.

Judy said...

Wow, you two had some kind of day! I hate having any kind of car trouble, I feel so helpless when we do.

don said...

I like the contrast in the two pictures of the dam and water. Your day was very complicated and seem to consist or bummer event after event. Have a better one today! ;-)

Ellie said...

First of all these are very pretty pictures of the dam!
Oh dear you sound as if you are having as much fun with your car as we are having with ours. Like I said they are great when they work. I hope you got it sorted eventually. :))

Gill - That British Woman said...

I was just talking to my friend today and she was just saying how low their ponds are. Been a dry year this year.


A Colorful World said...

Sometimes it just doesn't pay to get out of bed in the morning! :-)

Susan said...

Amazing how much lower the water is. They are lovely shots though. Nothing worse than car trouble!

Mary said...

Love the dam photos. Looks like a great place to go. Can see quite a difference in the water. This year has been one for the records for sure. Hope it isn't a trend.

Oh, my...some days you just wonder why you got out of bed. So much aggrevation. I'm glad he finally got home and got everything running again. but what a wasted day things like this can create.

EG CameraGirl said...

Our ponds, lakes and rivers are very low too. Hmmmm.

My goodness, you certainly have had fun "stalking" that older woman, and Roger changing the oil and filter!