Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Before you write the picture off as an error in judgement, just click it to expand the view.  It shows how the mountain/ridges are still casting a shadow down in the valley.  This is in Kentucky, on our way home last month.  Don't you wish we still had all that glorious color?
I just cannot seem to get back into blogging...Lorelei was here for the weekend...though short on time.  They did not get here till late Saturday and had to leave Sunday before too late...but still wonderful to see her.  And she will be back this coming weekend.  I am not sure what day, but for a couple days at least.

I cannot say that I have accomplished much at all in my absence from blogging.  We did do a little Christmas shopping...and I got the binding made for a quilt.  Trying to decide whether to wait till after Lorelei's visit to start the quilting or to go ahead and start now.

Roger took the quilt I just finished and put it in the mail today...so Daughter should have by the weekend.  I hope.  She has been having such long days, not even sure how often she goes to get her mail these days.

I have got to get my list made for Thanksgiving dinner...got to make plans with Sarah.  We are considering getting some rotisserie chickens, since only Roger likes turkey.  We usually just have a ham, but with having ham Christmas, I wouldn't mind something different for Thanksgiving.  I don't know why I don't like turkey...I liked it okay as a kid and even up until after I had the girls.

Anyway, thought I would try to do a post or two before the toot comes to visit...but even with her coming to visit, I can find time to do little blogging.  I think.


Anonymous said...

Yes, more of that glorious color would be awesome! Why can't Spring & Fall last as long as Winter & Summer? Why? I don't understand it!
Beautiful capture, Rose! =)

Judy said...

Oh my goodness, I can't believe how much this looks like our mountains here. It's a beautiful shot Rose, it says exactly what it's like in the valley when the sun is going down.

Linda G. said...

The color of the hillsides looks very good, especially when I look out my window and see just brown.

Carletta said...

I so wish we still had color. I never got as many photos as I would have liked. Yours is lovely!

My little girlies will be here Friday and Sammy come Tuesday. I need to get busy with my list too.
It's a stressful time of year to get in blogging, Thanksgiving and then Christmas comes before we know it.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Holy Cow---you don't like Turkey???? That's a crime I'm sure....We only buy a turkey breast these days --but have the rest of the trimmings for Thanksgiving. Works for us!

Your daughter will love that quilt...

That photo is gorgeous and it seems as if Fall came and went too quickly this year.

Sandra said...

the first thing I thought when i enlarged the photo is this looks just like the valley i lived in as a chil in KY.. then i read your words and it is KY... this could be Sloans Valley which is the place i loved above all else of all the places i have lived.

don said...

I like this warm autumn scene very much. The larger version does let the viewer see into the details much better.

Ellie said...

What a lovely picture - those colours are awesome.
Sometimes it is hard to keep the blog up to date and up to date with comments as well isn't it. I know
I am finding it a bit difficult just now.

Neal said...

That's beautiful Rose....as is your beautiful quilt.