Thursday, December 6, 2012

Return to color...

I know I posted similar shots, but still, doesn't this just grab your attention.  It is even better when expanded.

I have been up a little while...I went Christmas shopping yesterday afternoon.  If there is anything that wears me out, it is shopping.  I probably only shopped for about two hours.  It was as if I hit a wall and I just had to leave.  I am not a marathon shopper.  So, I still need to go back.  At least one more time.
There is a frost on this  morn....I am sitting watching my neighbor get home.  I assume from taking her kids to school.  Funny, I didn't mind it at all back when I was young...I liked to get up and get the day started.  I always turned on the radio first rock-n-roll of course.  And was just instantly awake.  I always sat an alarm, but I bet it didn't go off even half a dozen times a year. 

Now I am so thankful I don't have to get up and get out in the cold....and usually nothing is turned on till Roger gets up.  I just like the sounds of the house--the furnace blowing, maybe hear the ice maker, and not exactly a house sound, but to hear the kitties either jump on a chair, or playing with a toy. Just little things like that...I am just so glad to be able to sit here and enjoy them.

I wonder at this change in me....when I was a kid, I always got up to TV, or shortly after I got up.  I don't remember if mom turned the TV on for the early news, I think she did.  If not, it was almost always on for the Today's Show at 7:00 a.m.....

Does anyone else remember this video?

I am not sure it was this version, and but there was this song/ad? a lot, if not all weekday was on before the Today's Show.  At that time I did not realize it was an advertisement...I just always liked it. 

Enough reminiscing....I need to get started on this day.


Sandra said...

yes, i remember the video, had forgotten about it though. i have never liked shopping and always did the list and run and get it done and over with. even when younger. i wish they had on line ordering back then. now i buy the very few things i buy on line. i go to WM once a week and that is the extent of my shopping and i go with my list and race through like my life depends on it.
i have noticed i can't work as fast and don't work as much now..

Judy said...

You're making me miss fall :)
I never set an alarm I just let my body wake up naturally and it ranges anywhere between 3:00 and 7:00 a.m. I like it when it lands right in the middle :)

Anonymous said...

those really are some beautiful oranges in the trees.
i still turn the radio on every morning while getting ready for work, but not to the rock station anymore, it's country, now... you wouldn't wanna listen to the rock station around here anymore, just isn't the same! i like classic rock, but all they play these days is that head bangin junk where ya can't understand a word they're saying. =0

God bless, Rose =)

DeniseinVA said...

Beautiful photo. I love this time of the year, waking up in the morning when the air is a little chilly, and pulling the blankets up around my head until I'm awake enough to get up without tripping over my feet.

don said...

A very pretty shot! I haven't seen the video before.
Talking about "the old days" is interesting to me now that a have a few years on me! :-)

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hi Rose, I do remember that video--but had forgotten it. Isn't it amazing how our lives have changed as we have gotten older??? Don't know what I'd do these days if I had to get up early!!!! ha ha

Another blogger was talking about making a zillion types of chocolate candy to give as gifts... I told her that I used to do that---but NO MORE.. First of all, we don't need that sugar. Secondly, we don't have gifts to give to teachers, etc. anymore...


Ginny Hartzler said...

Your photo does indeed take my breath away! It is gorgeous. Fall trees are my favorite thing to look at and to photograph! I am the same as you, love staying in bed (in my case even till noon!) and listening to the furnace and the wind and the cats. But unlike you, I have always been a night owl, from the moment of birth. I hated getting up for school and my poor mom,she tried to wake me up cheerfully but every morning I tried every trick in the book to not go to school!

Carletta said...

Beautiful fall shot Rose!
I like the quiet in the mornings too. I'd add the coffee pot brewin to your list and the birds singing.
I know on school days we had the radio on but I don't think the TV ever was. At my Grandparents the TV was on almost as soon as Pap was up - turned to Today. :)
I don't remember this commercial but I do miss the catchy tunes like this one of that era.

Linda G. said...

Pretty Autumn picture!