Thursday, January 15, 2015

A little willy-nilly!

It is that time of the week...Willy Nilly Friday 5 over at Tanya's Around Roanoke starts tomorrow.  It is one of my favorite memes.  Love reading what others have to tell...and it gives me an excuse to post random thoughts.  So here goes...

1.  During the three months I was away from blogging, I did manage to make this quilt top.  I also have the backing made, and I have batting...and I have thread for the quilting ordered.  Other than this, I did very little sewing.  There were weeks I did not even touch my sewing machine.  That is very unusual for me.

2.  My kitties did not like the cold.  They stayed inside and hardly even asked to go out.   And Bubbie has spent a lot of time snoozing his life away!

3.  I have been in a puzzle working mood...jigsaw puzzles.  I have worked 4 or 5 during the past 4 weeks or so, with the one below being the hardest.

Have any of you ever worked a photo mosaic puzzle?  This one is my third and I have a couple more waiting.

4.  We are planning on seeing Lorelei this weekend if nothing happens.  I cannot wait...was at Wally World today and picked up a little dress for her.  She prefers dresses...she does not like jeans at all.  Nor anything that fits at all snug.

5.  How many books do you have on your kindle/eReader?    Or do you just get them as you read them?  I have probably at least a thousand...most I got free.  And I still check out ebooks from the library.  And I bet I have read at least 200 since I got it a couple years ago, and they have been removed from the device.  Plus the ones I have read from the library.

Well that is my five...I am going to try to get linked to the meme.  I will eventually get everyone visited, but will tell right now that Roger is not feeling good at all.  Started Monday.  He had felt a bit better yesterday evening, but has never perked up today.  Thought at first it was just the flu making a reappearance, but not so sure right now.  I am hoping to get him in to the doctor tomorrow or if not, will probably go to the ER.


Ginny Hartzler said...

Your quilt top is gorgeous!!! I love the pattern and the soft pastel colors. It would be perfect for a girl's Lorelei's...The tiger is awesome, how is a Mosaic puzzle different from a regular one? I have never heard of them. Do they sell them in smaller than 1,000?

Joyful Quilter said...

The quilt is adorable! Love the border fabric.

I love my Kindle. I keep 10-15 books on it at time.

Tanya Breese said...

the quilt is beautiful, you are very talented! i've always wanted to learn to do that...enjoy your visit with lorilei :) ....funny i've wanted to work on puzzles lately and need to go pick one up. i've never heard of a mosaic one, it is know, i have a few books on my nook but never read them there. i downloaded the hunger game series for the boys and have lent it to friends and have some others for me but i think i'm the only one who hasn't read a book on my nook...i have so many real books to read laying around here that i end up just picking up one of those...i get a lot of them from goodwill. i'm also having trouble with my charger. i should order a new one...i hope roger is feeling many people around here are down with whatever is going around...LOVE that video with the little girl and pit bulls...amazing how well behaved they are! thank you for sharing and thank you for linking! have a great weekend :)

Tom said...

#1 What a lovely quilt and just in time for Valentines Day. I know what you mean I haven't touched my sewing machine in ages.
#2 Who likes the cold?
#3 You have more patience than I.
#4 Loose is good.
#5 Kindle/eReader, I don't have one.
Tom The Backroads Traveller

Busy Bee Suz said...

The quilt is gorgeous!!! I've not worked a puzzle in years; it is such a therapeutic thing to do.
Well wishes for Roger....hopefully it will pass.

Linda Kay said...

Rose, I too love jigsaw puzzles. But if I get one out I can't leave it alone and everything else I need to do goes to pot.

Sandra said...

don't wait to long on Roger, it is nothing to fool around with. thus says Doc Madsnapper

my whole blog is willy nilly, each and every day, i pour out STUFF day after day.

I have never done a puzzle, i tried but gave up because they make me crazy. but my mother liked them and so did her sister. my puzzle is trying to learnnew soft ware, which i did yesterday

Sandra said...

forgot to say, i only have 20 books on my kindle, I read and delete, never have more than that. 2 years 2 months I have read 373 books from Amazon and 74 from the library.. i only bought about 20 of those from Amazon, i do the free books except then they give us book 1 and i end up buying the next one.

aspiritofsimplicity said...

That is a perfect quilt for Valentines day! I can't stand doing any kind of puzzles as I have no patience for them. My mum, daughter and niece love to do them though.

Ida said...

Your quilt top is lovely. That is one hard looking puzzle. I am not patient enough to do jigsaw puzzles although on the computer I can managed to do a few.
I read books the old-fashioned way still.

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

What a pretty quilt ! :)

As to puzzles I used to do the big complicated ones when I was younger...even decopauged a few and hung them as wall art! :)

Nowadays it is 60 piece puzzles with the grandson :)

A Colorful World said...

Love your quilt top, Rose! So happy seeing you blogging again! I loved your comment on my Willy Nilly Post. I will have to go back to it so I can address it properly, but I enjoyed reading it. I've read many of the historic fiction books you mentioned and loved so many of them as well! If you love to read, you ought to join our book club...Mom and I have one on Springtime in Magnolia Book Club. You send her an email and tell her you want to join then she can send you and invite to become an administrator to the blog. Then you post book reviewsd of the books you read. Hope you will join us!

Anonymous said...

Rose, that is such a pretty quilt top! What nice work you do!

Your puzzle sure looks challenging! I love working puzzles, too, but it has been quite a while since I have done so. We used to do one or two every winter when I was growing up. My mom would have it spread out on our dining room table.

Hope Lorelei was able to come visit this weekend. It was sure a gorgeous day, today! (Saturday)


Mary said...

Love the quilt top and bet Lo will love it too when you get it done. I love working puzzles but with my back pain, I couldn't sit at the table this year to work any. Started one before Christmas and just finished it this last week! I usually would work an entire puzzle in one day sometimes. I got 4 new ones for Christmas. One is a quilt puzzle :-) I have 100's of books on my reader and have not read all of them yet. Have been re-reading a lot of old favorite books lately. I did a lot of reading while laid up with the back problem!