Saturday, September 5, 2015

Liking these from the junk shop

First of all, this is another pre-scheduled post.  Just in case.
I saw these at the shop we went to in Paris...I call it a junk shop....but it is a nice junk shop.
I may end up going back and getting this.  I just totally love it.  The glass is really dirty, so wondering how it will clean up.  The down side is, I think it is nicotine and I wonder if it will also smell awful.  The shop smelled of old cigarette smoke, but no one was smoking.  So thinking it is some of these and wondering how to clean the frame, also.
I like this one, too, but not near as much as the first I showed..
And then there was this one...I also really like it. 


Coloring Outside the Lines said...

These are all great, but I would sniff carefully, because they will stink up your house.
Have a super weekend!

DeniseinVA said...

Lovely works of art and I love the frames in the first two. Not sure how to get rid of that smell of nicotine. If you find a way I would like to know as I am curious about that.

Nancy Chan said...

The pictures are all lovely. Smelling of nicotine can spoil the atmosphere of you home.

Sandra said...

they are beautiful, i can tell you that i have a mirror, a really old one like this, the frame is ornate like the first one here. the dust LOVES that frame, really loves it and is HARD to remove. think twice is what i am saying.

EG CameraGirl said...

I'm a BIG believer in using vinegar. Or you could also ty baking soda. Both are good for absorbing offensive smells. ;)