Saturday, January 16, 2016

Roosters at the flea market

This was at the flea market but I actually have a pair of them that were Roger's grandmother's.  They face each other over my sink.  I think she had them ever since we were married and we have been married 39 years.
A rooster plate...quite a handsome fellow!
This one is probably my favorite of the ones I am posting, not counting the first one.
I have a pair similar to this but in different colorway.
 This is a really great looking pair, too.  I like everything about their shape, but wish they were more colorful.
Lorelei spent the night last night but went home with her mom this afternoon.  She had got in trouble at school last week and lost her recess.  Because she couldn't stop giggling at something her friend did.  Her tickle-box is easily turned over.  And it is a wonder a whole group didn't get in trouble cause she has the most contagious laugh.  As long as that is all she gets in trouble for, I am not going to worry about it.


Anonymous said...

My stepmom loved chickens. Her kitchen was filled with rooster decor. Thanks for sharing these. ❤

EG CameraGirl said...

I agree that giggling is nothing to worry about. Sorry Lorelei got in trouble though. I love the roosters...but have no place to put them. ;)

Sandra said...

sounds like a smart teacher to use recess to make her point. sorry she got in trouble but agree with you. nothing to worry about. i can't beleive the two white roosters are so cheap, i like them. i have seen truly beautiful real roosters. the are all very nice

Deb said...

I like the roosters in the last photo.
I think our granddaughters have the same affliction :)

Linda Gross said...

I have a friend who has rooster decor in her kitchen. She probably would not have left this store without making at least one purchase.

Michelle said...

My mom is a rooster fanatic. She would have made a purchase for sure!

Susan said...

I have a couple of chickens in my kitchen. Not roosters though. These are awesome!