Monday, March 7, 2016

A stitched card...

I had a friend have a birthday last month...and I made this for her.  Due to other things going on, I didn't make it till the last minute, and wish I had had more time to spend on it.
Do you remember when Sundays were days of rest.  I had been thinking about that, then I saw a post over here talking about thought I would do my own version.

When I was growing up, Sundays were days when you just did the very basics...fixing meals and washing dishes.  Doing barn chores, if you had animals/lived on a farm.  I sometimes think it would be nice to go back to times like that. 

I know throwing a load of clothes in the washer is not like washing on a wringer washer where you have to be there and be involved in the process.  And riding a lawn mower is not the same as pushing one.  But still, a person is not relaxing.

Today I have did absolutely nothing, other than fix a bite to eat.  And I felt so guilty.  I finally did do a couple little jobs late in the evening.  But why do I feel such guilt?  Do you feel guilty when you don't stay busy when you are at home.


Nancy Chan said...

Hello Rose, sometimes I do feel guilty not doing anything around the house. I will feel that I have wasted precious time. I too love the simple life of yester years.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Hi Rose. I'm 64. When I was young we went to Church, ate Sunday dinner...usually at our favorite restaurant. Then sometimes we went for a drive, or visited family..we NEVER worked..ever. Stores were NOT open. Maybe a little local shop would be open in the afternoon just in case someone needed milk or bread.

Then the world changed and women began working outside the home more. We require Sunday to get done everything that needs to be done.

When I retired it took me a long time to adjust my mind set. I USED to feel guilty all the time when I added up all that I accomplished that day only to find ... not much. Now I revel in the day and do whatever I want. No guilt trips here anymore.
xx, Carol

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Love the card Rose, it's always so nice to receive a hand made card. I know exactly what you mean about Sundays.. these days unless it's pouring with rain I feel like I should be out in the garden weeding or something :)

Deb said...

Clever you making that stitched card. It's a lovely gift.
As for Sunday's as a kid, I remember our family would gather together around the tv and watch Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color and then the Ed Sullivan Show.

Sandra said...

i like the stitched card a lot. great idea. no i do not feel guilty doing nothing. when i was younger i used to make myself miserable trying to keep up, my house was spotless, my kids rarely had time with me because i was cleaning all the time and fussing at them for messing it all up again. now i have no kids to fuss at and the housework gets done when i get to it. and the house is not spotless. or even somewhat clean. i only have a few years left and i intend to spend them doing what i like to do.
but i do remember the Sundays OFF... with daddy a Baptist preacher NOTHING was done on Sunday. no work of any kind. i was not allowed to go to movies on Sunday. he refused to eat out because it made the people have to work on Sunday. in the South nothing was open on Sunday excpet the gas stations and they took turns. daddy went to far back then and now we are to far the other way where nothing ever closes...

Anonymous said...

It's sad to say but Sunday is now just another day. It was special way back when, but not today. I remember when you were somewhat forced not to do anything because there was nothing open. Now, nothing closes. So, enjoy your relaxation. :-)

Montanagirl said...

I NEVER feel guilty about that! LOL said...

When I was involved in the Church my brother was a preacher. Being much older then I.

I had same as Sandra. Sundays were rest time but Church was striker in thee church . I had to wear a stupid hat.

I guess that is why I do like hats but not when your a kid.

So I think most churches today are hang lose and be not so guilty of going to a Restaurant. Most go after church. What you do on the outside is not a big sin the Lord looks in the inside of the heart. said...

Oh I forgot I liked your stitched Birthday card.

DeniseinVA said...

The card is sweet Rose. I bet your friend loved it. A homemade card is very special. I don't feel guilty when I don't do a thing. I figure it all evens out eventually :) Some days I am run off my feet and I love a nice quiet day.

Mascha said...

Sweet card, what a nice idea!
Hm, I always try to make sunday like the sundays in my childhood.
Sunday is an very especially quiet day. Not alway is my trying successful... but that reasons are not my own -
By the way: in Germany it is prohibited on sundays washing machine or lawn mower and other works, what make noise.
Have a quiet nice next sunday :-)

Small City Scenes said...

Dang! I was just typing along and my computer went bling and everything went away and came back and all my 'many' words were gone. Now I don't know what I said but it was GOOD.
Love the stitched card. I make a lot of cards but never think of stitching. Gotta try it.
Sundays are usually quiet days here. When one is retired one has everyday to do something or nothing---no guilt involved. Ya have to learn to push it away. Although bob still feels bad if he is not doing something. I guess I do have guilt twinges now and again. LOL
BTW: I do not spin on my spinning wheel. Never learned---learned to drop spindle and that was/is fun. My wheel is broken and I have to find someone to fix it and teach me to spin.

Terri said...

I usually don't do anything after church but lay around and be lazy.. I especially love it when there is a good movie or a tv show marathon on...I veg on the couch like nobody's business! LOL. This is not healthy I'm sure!
That's a pretty card- you did a good job.