Friday, April 28, 2017

A bit of randomness....

Be forewarned, these are really, really random.

1.  I was browsing around on Youtube and came across THIS is a bit long, but it is well worth watching.


This is me, many years ago.  I spent many hours pruning during my time at the orchard.  I often felt like an artist...I used to think I should have every tree named because I messed with every tree so many times every year.  Pruning, thinning the apples, cutting out fireblight some years, and picking.  This particular tree I am pruning was one we grafted.  We never did actually know what kind it was...they called it a Scarlet Beauty.  The apples were huge.

3.  I worked at a bakery for about a year...we made Italian bread and bread sticks plus other breads.  Customers called and would just say 'save me a loaf" and hang up without giving a name...the girl that had been there a long time knew their voices, and I quickly learned.  Before I did, I could describe to her the call and she could tell me who it was.   One old guy would call and say 'I'm coming.'  And we knew we had to grab a loaf and take it out to the street.  His legs hurt so bad that he couldn't stand to have to park and get in and out of his car.    One man we called the round man, because he always wanted the round loaves.  For another, we always put back a loaf of bread if it was done a bit more than the others cause this one customer preferred them. Other customers would come in and tell us what they wanted...we also carried other things that were things the old Italians wanted and could not get anywhere else.  Anyway, they would make their choices and hand their checkbooks over to us to make out their checks.   There is definitely pluses to small town living.

4.  Does anyone remember this song:

5.  Did you like Downton Abbey?  Do you like to watch the mystery shows such as Foyle's War, Inspector Lewis, Wallander, Morse, Prime Suspect, Father Brown?  Or other shows similar to those? If so what are your favorites.  I just found a new to me show called Shetland.  It does not have many episodes, but they are really good.  Anyway, I am wondering if I have missed any good shows.  I have watched some of the Murdock ones...and also the Miss Marple series, as well as Poirot.  Once I got past his mustache, he is really good.


Tom said...

#1 mighty nice
#2 over the years I've done so much pruning that they hands are shot
#3 oh, do I love bread or what
#4 this one is new to me
#5 Foyle's War is a favorite of mine

Hootin' Anni said...

Don't have cable any TV for us. [except for NCIS online]
Love the apple tree story. And the picture. Never heard of that kind of apple before today. And working at the bread bakery knowing people's names by their, THAT is amazing.

Deb said...

We enjoyed watching Shetland. One you didn't mention is The Fall. Good one too! When we watched Foyle's War, the history, mood, events, social atmosphere was exactly what my parents used to describe to me years ago because they lived in London during WWII.

Cat Lover said...

Hi Rose, love the photo of you in the orchard. We don't watch T.V. but we enjoy some of the old detective shows (Cannon, Barnaby Jones) on DVD.
Interesting story from your time at the bakery!
Take care.

Gayle said...

Nice randoms. I will have to check out Shetland--thks.

Small City Scenes said...

Super pic of you pruning. We have 14 apple trees here and bob prunes them in the umbrella style---easier to do I suppose. I love hearing (or reading) your real stories of you.
We are watching 'A Place to Call Home' on PBS it is set in Australia right after WW2
Will have to look for Shetland

Sandra said...

I have not watched any of these, not my cup of tea, but my friend loves all of them.. I like things that are full of actions and things get blown up. LOL.
I have wondered how they trim orchards, the orange trees here for instance and now I know. love the pic of you working and I would have weighed 500 pounds if I worked in a bakery

Michelle said...

I am interested in watching, Shetland on Netflix. I don't watch much regular tv anymore.

Anonymous said...

I thought I had commented but I must have gotten interrupted.....I love seeing you pruning the trees. How interesting to see how it is done. So fun about the bakery too. I know when I worked in an office, when I would finally meet the folks I had been talking to, they never looked like I thought they would! lol The smells from that bakery must have been heavenly!

Coloring Outside the Lines said...

I love your randoms- how interesting to work in a bakery with such sweet customers..small town life is really the best! I wouldn't know what to prune, so I would probably not last long in an orchard.
Have a wonderful weekend and I hope you are not in the path of this big storm heading my way.

Nancy Chan said...

We don't have apple trees here. I used to wish I have the chance of plucking apples. It remained a dream. Lol. Working and getting to know your customers by their voice is really amazing!

DeniseinVA said...

A wonderful series of randoms. Loved the photo of you, and thank you for the link and video Rose :)

Pauline said...

It must be something about bakeries that leads to special connections with customers. I remember how I used to feel special when I visited a tiny bakery on a regular basis and the staff would know what I wanted before I said a word. I vaguely remember that song, really liked listening and seeing the words (like a pretty poem). Your randoms are terrific!

E. said...

did you say "bread", i love homemade bread. yum!! my Grandma Mary would always make bread on Fridays ... miss those days. boy they were great!! nothing is better!! good butter and jam ... just a perfect combo.

i loved Downton Abbey. my Mom and I even went to the Biltmore when they had that get together with some of their clothing etc. so so fun!!

i love that time era or any show set around that time. ( ;

Henny Penny said...

That is so neat of you pruning apple trees. Gosh, bet you know a lot. Wish I could grow even one apple tree. I do like Downton Abbey, but never get to watch every episode. I mostly sew at night and listen to Bluegrass music on Direct TV misic station. I never get tired of it.

Cheryl @ TFD said...

Interesting randoms! Loved seeing the photo of apple tree pruning.
Happy May to you!

Bonny Bonafilla said...

My goodness: I'm so impressed with your orchard-tending skills. There's a real art to looking after apple trees. I have a very small orchard of a dozen trees down in Devon, growing on a south-facing bank for maximum sunshine. I love pruning them and tending to them more than any of my flowers.
Your bakery days sounded incredible. I'd definitely go out of my way to shop at such a wonderful shop with such great customer service.
At the moment the television show that has me hooked is Versailles. It's so over-the-top. We've also just finished watching a really gritty detective series, In the Line of Duty, with the wonderful Thandi Newton, which had me on the edge of my seat so many times. My husband used to be addicted to Downton Abbey. It's finished - forever - over here.