Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Another day done...

I have a gift for Lorelei and I don't have a box that it fits in, so I decided to make a Christmas pillowcase.  So after Hardee's this morn, headed to the quilt shop and chose these fabrics.  I have made a few over the years.  Even though I have a serger, I had rather do French seams to have finished seams.  There is one tip in the following video that is a small thing, but when doing a bunch of them, would save a lot of time.

It is the part where Tea sews the first line of the French seam across the bottom end and takes it off and irons it.   Then goes back and sews the side seam.  If you don't know what a French seam is watch the video.  It would really add up to time saved when doing several pillowcases at once.

I did address a few Christmas cards today, and took them to the post office after dark and dropped them in the drop box.    I don't remember ever being this late mailing cards.  And it is definitely the fewest I have ever mailed.   And normally I have all the cards we get hanging up and this year I have not done that. 

We always watch for hawks and eagles when going to the Paris, Illinois.  No eagles today and no photos of hawks, but I bet we seen at least 10 different hawks.  One of which was a Northern Harrier...the rest I am not sure about.  But was so fun seeing them.


Tom said...

...you sure are a creative lady!

Ginny Hartzler said...

I love the fabric for this pillowcase, and know Lorelei will too.

Karen said...

What a great idea for the pillowcase. I can't find boxes for my granddaughter's gifts either. I am thinking about putting them in Christmas stockings.

Sandra said...

she will love the pillow case and can use it during the holidays and save for next year and the next and next. better than a bag to throwaway. I can't even sew a button on the right way and struggle to do it the wrong way.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I am definitely going to remember the trick of wrapping a large Christmas gift, or any large gift, in a handmade pillow case. Genius. Thanks so much for the tip.
Merry Christmas

Small City Scenes said...

Always fun to see the raptors.
Cute idea for gift wrap.
I think I used french seams a lot. Learned from my Mother

E. said...

i feel for my Mom ... i remember her mom would spend hours and hours writing cards ...even when her handwriting was so shaking at her older age. my Mom has cut back a lot ...my advice is send ones to only who send them to you. i mean u can not be expected to feel bad, u r not a millionaire ...i guess i am more sensitive to shut-in's. gorgeous fabric. ( ;

Tanza Erlambang - Speed Up said...

Christmas pillowcase is beautiful.
have a great day