Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Good Will teacup

I was in the Good Will the other day and saw this.  I just immediately loved the set...even though I have been decluttering, for 99 cents I bought it.  I was thinking I would find a new home for them after I enjoyed them a bit.  And I still have someone in mind..  They were taped together,  a couple wraps each way.  I, in my stupidity thought it was to hold them together.  But I get them home and the tape comes off, and they are cemented together just like this.

I have been looking through photos...running into photos that fill my memories.  The above is Sarah on the left edge and one of her childhood friends...that childhood friend is who received the quilt in the previous post..for her little boy.   And that little, tiny bike she is riding!  I don't remember where they came up with it but she and Sarah had a ball with it....they had Roger paint it silver. And they did other stuff to it, but I don't remember what.  I just remember their laughing and have a blast.

The two had a paper route together...one did one side of the street and the other girl , the other side.  It worked out good...they would do each other's route if need be, or some of us adults would if needed.  But they made the money!  They were both conscientious  and delivered the papers just how their customers wanted.  Most people just wanted it on their porch, but two or three had specific instructions.  I remember one lady wanted it on her porch and she kept a brick laying there and wanted it laid on the paper.  She would leave Sarah's pay under the brick, right on time.


And these boys are grown now...I seldom see them, but they are still like sons to me.  There was a year or two that they about lived here during their waking hours.  There was another brother not pictured, a couple years younger.  They are cousins...Kenny in front, was in Iraq for at least one tour, maybe two, and the cousin that is not shown was over there a couple tours.

But Kenny started coming when he was 3-4 years old...he would come and open up the door to see if he could see anyone.  And if the girls were still at school, he would come in and sit and wait for them.  Sometimes falling asleep.

They were just good kids...played hard and ate good.  Not a bunch of bickering and fussing.  You know how some kids, you are ready to send home...I don't think I ever sent these home without it was because we had to leave.

I sometimes long for the old days....the girls had other friends their own age, but these here are the ones so very dear to my heart.  


Natasha said...

Love the cup and saucer. But what a shock to find them attached as such. My immediate thought was hang it by your sink to hold your sponge or a plant or hang it from a tree and fill with bird seed.

Ginny Hartzler said...

Why on earth would they be glued together? This renders them totally useless! I guess they are made to hang on the wall as a decoration. I love the paper route picture, that would bring back all those good times!

Ruth Hiebert said...

It is so fascinating to look through old pictures. Oh the memories that surface!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I would have gotten the cup and saucer too...it's gorgeous! Love looking at old photos too. Enjoy your afternoon! Hope you're having some hot tea!

Karen said...

So pretty!

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Goodness.... Guess that teacup is not meant for you to drink out of it.... Mercy Me!!!!!

I have been going through old pictures recently (love doing that) and my blog post today is all about some old pictures in my life.....

Hope you and Roger are both doing well. Neal and Patti have gone to FL to escape the SNOW I think.


Laurel Wood said...

Those poppies are the most gorgeous color of red.
Cute photo of the girls. I had a childhood friend, Sherry, and we rode our bikes all the time, laughing and singing along the way.
Those boys are precious and I thank them for their service.
Wishing you a good night. Hi to Lorelei!

Sandra said...

photos freeze moments in time and jog our memories when we see them. all of these are precious memories you have shared today.. I have a to do list an don it is to take all the books of photos out of the cabinet and go through them and clean out that closet.. that will take a whole day. I know one of the bloggers I follow glues the cups to plate like this and hangs them in her yard for bird feeders. I know you were disappointed.. it is pretty. someone may want it like it is

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

That poppy cup and saucer was a WONDERFUL find. I would definitely hang it with maybe an air fern in it. I wonder if you can even FIND air ferns anymore. I love the kid's pics. They bring to mind a time when Laurie was growing up. Most of the neighborhood kids were from broken families. During her early teens, ours was the house to hang out at. The house was full on Sundays during football season and they new there would be plenty of food too. Our back screened porch had a table and plenty of chairs and a pop stocked refrigerator. Kids were always here. Laurie had to be home long before the others so they just walked her home and hung out. When they all grew up and had their own kids, they always brought them by for trick or treat. I loved that.

Great post Rose. Your memories brought a lot of mine to mind too.
xx, Carol