Thursday, August 8, 2019

Help! opinions and experiences needed...

I did a load of wash today....then when I went down to move it over to the dryer, there was a small puddle of water.  I went ahead and moved them over to the dryer, and thought I would just see what it would do if I did another load...well, it no more than started till the water was draining from under the I quick put it on the spin cycle.  I would have had a huge puddle before it even got half way full.

I have been looking at washers all afternoon/ least before and after I took Roger for his allergy shots.  Almost any washer I look at has some horror stories in the reviews.  So many do not have an agitator.  I have not talked to anyone, well, that is about 3 people that I know, that has one without an agitator and they don't like it.

Add to that a lot of them the lid locks.  I am finding that some have a way of pausing it and when the motion stops the lid can be raised to add an item.  But still, there really is no need to have locking lids in the first place!

And some have the touch pad...we have that on the stove for the oven and I hate that.  I would have paid $50 more just to have dials. 

So what do you have and what is your experience with it.  I would really like to hear if there is anyone that has the ones without the agitator that have had a good experience.

And also what is the length of time for the load to be done.  This one washer I found with an agitator takes 70 minutes!  I think my washer now takes maybe 30-40 minutes from the time I put a load in till the time I pull it out.    It would be hard to get used to the long cycle...and front loaders have an even longer cycle.

Also, if you have a front loader, did the drain pipe have to be changed for height? So curious to know your experience with that.  They have a much better rating at Consumer reports than the top loaders.  But their cycle time is so much longer...and then there are the stories of them having bad odors!

Any and all thoughts will be very appreciated.


  1. Rose, I never buy anything this expensive without checking out repair records and how long the different brands last. Go to This is a website that gathers all the appliance ratings, including Consumer Reports and Good Housekeeping, and recommends the top four or five brands. I strongly encourage you to research the machines there. Some brands have horrible repair records. I have never had a machine without an agitator!

  2. Hi Rose, Sorry your washer is dying. I'll tell you what I like and dislike about our new Frigidaire ( I'm not sure where to look for the model # but under the word Frigidaire it says MAXfill).
    Things I like are the window in the lid, the pause feature ( to add items you forgot), and I guess I like that it seems to clean pretty well.And it has an agitator.

    Things I don't like... I put in a big load of bath towels and it filled with so little water that I couldn't imagine how it would wash properly. I tried to put it onto Max fill but it's got a touch pad and I couldn't get it to work SO I fooled it. I paused the cycle, opened the lid, closed it again then pressed power and it started filling all over again. It filled right to the top. So when I do big loads I guess that's what I have to do. Oh yes, a cycle is an HOUR and that's if you don't choose extra rinse. That takes an extra 15 minutes.

    I'm not sure any of this helps. There isn't anything out there that is like what we used to have ( and liked). Good luck in choosing a new one.
    Oh, we were told not to expect more than 7 years out of any new washer. Isn't that the pits?

  3. What troubles you are having with washers. I know nothing about new washers. I got a new washer when Cheri was born 50 yrs ago. It was a whirlpool and lasted very long and since then just used ones. I find the new washers without agitators very oss. How do the clothes get clean ---I wonder. Bob's washer and dryer are about 10 hundred years old and work fine. So I am no help to you.

    I did scroll and read through the posts of yours I missed. You have a beautiful cat.

    Anyway good luck on washer hunting

  4. Hi Rose, I'm fairly new to your blog and I enjoy it very much! You are smart to do a lot of research before you buy a new washer. As someone else said, we have been told that appliances are not built to last much more than ten years now even though they cost a fortune. That is sad!

    I have had a Whirlpool front loader for about six years now and although I like it I think my next washer will be a top loader. Here's my experience with it:

    The front loaders use much less water and that is one of the main reasons we bought this because we live in a little town that has very high water costs and we wanted to keep our bill down. It will hold large loads if necessary so it is good for bedding, comforters, etc. Even though it does not have an agitator it does get the laundry clean although the cycle seems to run a long time.

    I have heard about the front loaders smelling due to mildew or mold so I was watchful for that from the time I got the machine. I just keep the door to it slightly open whenever I am not using it and I have never had an odor problem. Although the large size is nice there are just two of us now and it is not always necessary. I wish I would have had it when my kids were home! I do like my machine but I think it is more than two people need. Whenever it goes out I will probably get a top loader.

    Don't know if I'm much help. Good luck in shopping for a new one!

  5. I almost forgot, our drain pipe did not have to be changed at all for the front loader.

  6. I'll take a top loader any time. And, I didn't realize there WAS such a thing as no do those without 'scrub' clothes? All new to me.

  7. Hari OM
    I can't really add to this; here in the UK I had to get used to the idea that they ONLY have front-loaders (I loved my top loader in OZ); however, am now fully adapted. I use only the 'eco-light' option which takes about 30-35 minutes. I see absolutely no point in anything else and running something for 70 minutes??? Think of the power bill!!! I wish you the best, whatever your choice. YAM xx

  8. We have a ten year old top loader which has a 40 minute cycle. I expect it to give up the ghost any day now. I’ll have the same dilemma as you are having. Good luck.

  9. We just had to buy a new washer, mine is a GE top loader model GTW465A. It was the only model in the store with an agitator and hubby refused to buy one without one, he said he didn't see how it would get the clothes clean if it didn't have one. It has dials and numerous cycles, how long it takes to wash depends on which cycle you choose to use and if you use pre-wash. It's never taken longer than 30-40 minutes. I didn't want it at first, but now I absolutely love the thing. My clothes have never been so clean and they come out almost dry-all the washers I've ever had left the clothes soaking wet but this one has the clothes almost dry so it doesn't take as long in the dryer. It also plays a cheery little tune so I know when my cycle is done.

  10. I bought the new fridgerdaire and will add the link. I LOVE IT. the lid locks and I don't care, it takes 46 minutes for most cycles, I love the see through top... have had it for 16 months and still love it. I always just buy what I can afford and this one I could.. I did not check it on Ginnys site because I don't want to know since I already have it. but feel free to check it. you can't buy what y
    ou used to have in any product. and yes it came from China... doesn't everything? good luck

  11. I have had a front loading, without an agitator,of course, for several years now. I love it.It takes about an hour to wash a load, but that has not been a problem, as I can do other things in the meantime. I always leave the door open when not in use and have no bad door.Mine is an energy efficient ones uses a lot les water, but my clothes are as clean as usual, or cleaner. I would recommend it to anyone.

  12. I have a GE top loader with an agitator from Lowe's and is just one year old. No problems with it yet and like it. No locking lid but it does stop agitating when the lid if lifted.
    A regular load takes about 40 minutes.

    I guess you checked to make sure the hoses weren't leaking on your washer.

  13. Maybe you can repair the one you have.

  14. I don't think I am going to be much help. Mine is a Kenmore. It has the lid lock but dials, the long cyle and no agitator. But it's also a water saver. I have had it for about a year now and am quite happy with it. I suppose I got used to the differences but I remember it took a while.

  15. I bought a new washer and dryer about 2 years ago. My pair are GE. The washer is a top loader and it does lock when you start a load. I thought all washers had to do that now for child safety. Anyway it is not an agitator and it senses the amount of water to add by sensing how big your load is. the drum is HUGE. I am so totally happy with it. I really don't know how long it takes to wash a load. My dryer has a sensor as to when the clothes are dry then it moves to a cool down cycle. I love it too! I bought mine at ABC Warehouse and I think I paid about $1200 for the pair.

    Not sure how much this helps you. I was concerned about no agitator when I was shopping, but honestly these units do a really good job. The huge drum of the washer means I have to wash clothes a lot less often.
    xx, Carol

  16. I am amazed, icy clothespins in August?

  17. I don't think I will be of much help because I have not used a front loader, only used washing machines with top loader so far. The max full cycle is about 50 minutes. I will you be be able to get a good new washer that will best suits your requirements. I like the frozen clothes pins.

  18. I remember not having a dryer and we had to hang things out on a temporary line. It was during a lean time and we just could not go buy a dryer. It is funny how some appliances are taken for granted until they stop working.


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