Saturday, December 4, 2021

from the box

Success!   I tried and tried to upload photos last night with no success.  I so was in the mood to share these.  They are hankerchiefs from my mom.  She loved pretty hankerchiefs.  I have a small box of them that she had kept through the years.  The one above was one of the first ones I pulled from the box, and I must say one of my favorites.

The above and below are pretty, too.  They all need washed and ironed but not sure they would last through a washing.  I know some of them are at least 60 years old, and probably older.  The fabric is sort of delicate.  I remember looking at them as a child.

I do not know how many times I have looked in that box.  I don't remember noticing the below clipping that she had saved.  It was upside down is the only thing that I can think.  The back did not have printing on it.  Anyway, you should be able to read it if you click to expand the view.

I have no idea who wrote it...but I have only did a light search.  

I made a couple of these blocks.  They are going to be potholders.  I just got to get busy and work on them....They are made from scraps except the light gray triangles.  And I will use scraps of batting plus insulbrite for the padding.  I usually use old jean denim for the backing but not sure I will on these.
 I have a pot of navy beans and ham cooking...I have been so hungry for them.  I am always glad to have something to cook that at least one of us wants.  

I have a little video to share with you....I think you are going to love it.


  1. I love old hankies - I have a few too.
    Love, love, love the poem

  2. I love the fabric combination in your blocks. The handkerchiefs are lovely, seems a little sad to just put them away in a box again. I made ham and beans earlier this week, haven't had them for ages...soooo good.

  3. The handkerchiefs are so pretty. My favourite is the first one.

    The poem speaks wisdom for sure!

  4. I love ham & beans!!! Now, I am hungry for it.

    That first hanky is just 'to die for' fabulous. Maybe a gentle hand wash? Dunno. I, like you, would fear ruining them. Maybe frame them behind glass (and hang in a well-shaded area. Instead of putting them back in storage).
    Your work will make great potholders!!

  5. that video is so sweet. he is talking to her. the people who used to bring the petting zoo to the nursing home had ducks and geese and chickens that loved to be petted. i asked her how they did it, she said from the time they are hatched, he children play with them and carry then and hug them. they grow up that way. bet that is what happened with this girl.
    LOVE the hankies, mother had a dozen or so, but none like that first one. its gorgeous. could you put them in a specail quilt, like to hang on the wall? I have seen that poem but no idea where

  6. The handkerchiefs are so pretty. What a treasure to have these.
    I had a bunch of them when I was a little girl. Always carried one in my little purse going to church. :)
    Love the poem!!

  7. That video is so cute.
    Pretty handkerchiefs. I remember having them when I was young. You sure don't see those around any more.

  8. This goose is amazing! It is like a dog, so very sweet!!! People should not eat geese!! I love your Mom's hankies, they are beautiful. I have a friend who puts them inside cards. I don't think you can buy them anymore, so I wonderful where she gets them. The first one is way too stunning to blow your nose on!

  9. I have some hankies that I've saved. Some are obviously not old being made of polyester. Those are not good when used as hankies but the cotton ones are fine and I do use mine. The little clipping that your Mom saved is very sweet.

  10. Hello,
    The hankies are so pretty! I would love the ham and bean soup, yum! The video is so cute! Have a great day, enjoy your new week!

  11. The handkerchiefs are very pretty. I remember my grandmother having a collection also. My mother had a few. I liked these patterns and colors for your block. Thanks for sharing that lovely poem and for the cute video. Such a darling goose story. A pot of navy beans and ham sounds good, especially as our temperatures are going to be getting chillier now.

  12. What a lovely mother you must have had. She had such pretty handkerchiefs and I love that little cutting. Mxx


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