Saturday, September 24, 2022

Tired boy!

 He likes to exaggerate everything...including how tired he is.

Just wanted to pop on to tell that we saw the dr about Roger's kidney function.  It was our first time meeting him.  We both really liked him.  He introduced himself and shook hands, then set down and ask Roger a few questions.  And started going over his meds.  I pulled out the antibiotic the ER doctor had given him and told him Roger had been on it for a few days.  

He asked if it was before the labs were done.  I told him yes, and he reworded it and asked again.  I told him yes.  He said that it would have caused the bad results, and asked if he was taking it now.  I told him no.  The dr. said that Roger should recover!   So we are thanking God, and feeling a bit lighter in spirits.

I started this day before yesterday....intending to add to it, but I just cannot seem to get it done.  So will post it as is.


  1. What a relief to hear that about Roger. Drugs may be a necessary part of our lives, but they can also have some dire side-effects. Thank goodness you got a sensible doctor! :) xx

  2. Great news about Roger. I can only imagine what a relief it is for the both of you.

    I always enjoy the dog photos!

  3. What a funny posture.

    I'm glad Roger is doing better. It's always good to have doctor who take care of getting the facts straight. Wishing Roger a quick recovery and hope that your minds are a peace.

  4. I'm glad both of you like this new doctor.

  5. That's such good news about Roger. And, regarding the pup, a bit of exaggeration for the sake of effect adds spice to life.

  6. Love, love, love that dog!!! What a hoot. Sometimes Rx can make things worse. I'm happy to read he will recover!!!!!!

  7. I see Copper is doing a lot of lounging around watching tv just like I
    Glad to hear it went well at the doctors.

  8. I love Copper and his silly self, he is such a joy to look at. silly boy, hugs. so glad for the new doctor and liking him. so this means the antibiotics caused the bad report on the kidneys. good to know things like this since the person who ordered the labs should have thought of it or asked.

  9. Praise the Lord on Roger. That is so great to hear. Certain meds can sure mess up a body that they are suppose to help.
    Oh, that dog!

  10. As everybody else glad you found a new doctor that got to the bottom of the problems. Hope your Hubby will be feeling better very soon.
    That drama pose of Copper's is so funny. How do they do that?

  11. Oh that is great news about Roger. Thank God for answered prayer.

    Copper gets in the most laughable positions!!! :)

  12. That is a great solution - something you are already doing! Your pup is so cute sleeping.

  13. What a big ole silly dog. My daughter would absolutely love him! Course, I do too. So glad Roger is going to be fine.

  14. So glad that all is working out okay with Roger. Copper is a hoot! Adorable!

  15. That is good news about Roger.
    Such a relief for you both.

    I always enjoy seeing photographs of Copper :)

    All the best Jan


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