Thursday, April 18, 2024

Awaiting binding


I am considering the quilting done.  It could be better.  I see a spot that needs a bit of quilting but I am not going to worry with it.  I really need to get two or three things layer and ready to quilt, and practice, practice, practice.  

I did not take a photo of the front, but I am here to tell you that the thread blended in so well, it was hard to see where I had already quilted.  I wished afterwards that I had been able to quilt it from the back.  

The binding is made, I just have to sew it on by machine first, then flip it to the back and stitch it down by hand.   I suppose I should learn to do both steps by machine but I like the hand stitching part. 

For those of you that do not know, the binding is what encloses the raw edges of the quilt.


Another beautiful, but windy day here.  I did a Walmart trip and have not done much else.  I did steaks on the grill for use....they were delicious.   I am waiting to give meds and then think I will head upstairs to see if I can sew the binding on.  If I don't get detoured into something else...  


  1. Thanks for the explanation. :)
    We started out cloudy but ended up sunny.

  2. There is something relaxing and enjoyable about hand and thread together. Or hand an yarn. Just a delight. Congrats on being done! Cheers, Ivy.

  3. The quilt is looking great!! I like that fancy design that the machine somehow makes. ( I'm not at all sewing savvy).
    We did a Walmart trip today too. The entire store has been rearranged and its so hard to find anything :(

  4. Two things I seriously don't like - practice and swirls. Yours looks great. I know what you mean about having the thread match the front too well, I've had a few like that lately. Quilting with black thread is the worst. Sounds like you had a pleasant day, hope tomorrow is just as nice.

  5. its really beautiful to me and I would be happy to use the back side on my bed.. waiting to see the other side when it is finished. keep quilting, you are super great at it

  6. The quilt looks great. It is so nice to have the time such that a diversion is perfectly ok.

  7. Great job on the quilting, it's beautiful. I like to hand sew on my binding as well, I do it just like you do.

  8. This looks amazing. I had a neighbor years ago who did all her quilting by hand. I find it so impressive.

  9. Your quilting is beautiful. I wish I had the patience for it. Sewing and me aren't the best of friends..(:0)

  10. It's looking good, well done.
    Your steaks on the grill sound delicious.

    All the best Jan

  11. Your quilting is lovely. I love quilting by hand. My largest quilt was a King size.

    Hugs, Julia

  12. I am amazed by your quilting skills.


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